Eden No Ori

When will he go back and fix that shitty last arc. Series overall was silly, but also pretty fun. Yarai is best boy, and Tokiwa was best girl.

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Never, but I did enjoy the series before that point

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Sorry Saji was best bro user.

Should have kept it as a survival manga only.

He was pretty cool
He also should've just planned stuff better.

>series got axed so hard he stopped trying altogether
It's almost pitiable, cage of eden was so damn good, but it fell apart at the end. Then his next two manga after that were cheap hentai featuring laughable plots copy paste characters. Hell the best part of deathtopia was Tooru being alive and badass. Then I haven't read satanofani in over a year, but it was more of the same from deathtopia, tits and gore.

Yaria was pretty cool, but I thought Arita was cooler, damn shame he became a psycho path for a hot minute from developing prosopagnosia. Then he comes back as a retard strength superhero with hades and promptly disappears again. Both of them got beat by Zaji though this user said it best. I was bummed as fuck when he died and in such an idiotic way to. Like man just tell them you're injured, they can probably help you.

I would not have been surprised if he somehow cameback, but I'm glad he didn't. He was a pretty cool

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>Fights with his keys, and coins
>Wants to fuck his teacher
He was too cool

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Oh yeah the hades stuff was pretty dumb. Really disappointed in how that plot point turned out.

No love for Mariya?
Hades plot was retarded

Objectively kne of the best shonen manga ever.

Is that glasses kid?

Yeah the walking encyclopedia

He was such a standout character among the cast, I still clear as day remember this motherfucker all these years later.

I mean, it was never really just survival. The mystery was always there from the minute a giant spirit bird knocked their plane onto an island full of dinosaurs. The problem was that the answers to the mystery got more and more retarded while the author just pulled shit out of his ass and cribbed from Drifting Classroom and stuff.

What was the ending again? Everything was a dream and they're all dead?

retard jurassic park with a massive time paradox.

They were magically warped into the future on an island of animals that were created by a rich guy who's granddaughter "died" on the plane. The animals were drawings she came up with, the entire island was a monument to her and the people that "died" on the plane. The irony is that somehow a bird from the island warped into the past and dragged them into the future, so by creating the island to commemorate the people on the plane, he "killed" them.

They were sent to the future on a island that rich grandfather of that one kid and mc's mom pretty much started.

And then it timeskips a year or something to them leaving the island on a self-made boat to head out to the rest of the world, while (I think) leaving Hades and what's-his-name presumably still somewhere on the island waiting for their plots to be addressed.

The bird could always have been an animal but the moment the mangaka tried to tie in the misteries is when it fell apart.

Did we even get a hint about Hades' identity?

He makes a cameo in the first chapter of Deathtopia, just in the background, but it was pretty kino. He was with the teach that Yaria had the hots for.

It bugged me to no end that we never found out what happened to Hades and Arita. He didn't even have to acknowledges the Hades plotline, just put them on the damn boat.


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trackstar and the kungfu chick had delicious bellies. There was some great midriff in this series.

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Surprise this never got an anime, like it probably would if it came out today though. Would've been shit either way.

Would be a CG mess.