Dragon Ball Super

What do you think is the most aesthetically pleasing form?

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Any Gohan form.

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DB Super is cheap fanservice garbage

but then again so was the entire Buu saga

SSBE and manga SSG

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ss4 is what i would consider the best looking form thats easy on the eyes. i like all the other ones too, but this one especially has many layers behind it that boost it above the rest.

you know what i mean. sun wukong and oozaru and all that

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My top three (unordered) are 2, 1 and God.

>Potara is permanent
>Trunks has purple hair
>Saiyans are a barbaric warrior race with the desire to fight in their blood
>Gohan is the strongest
>Frieza is irredeemable and pure evil, also dead
>Kaioshins are the supreme gods who look over the world with no one above them
>Vegeta admits Goku is above him and he'll never catch up, fulfilling his character arc of constantly chasing behind Goku with acceptance being the outcome
>Mafuba can only be used on Demons, i.e. Demon King Piccolo
>Goten and Trunks are 7 and 8 years old in the Buu Arc
>Super Saiyan is something triggered by and attached to emotions
>Goku has two kids
>One universe with parallel timelines

>Potara has a one hour time limit that decreases based on how much energy you're using, no different from regular fusion (except for creating a different equally as marketable character)
>Trunks has blue hair
>Saiyans are just like humans and not all of them like to fight
>Gohan got married and became a scholar a couple of weeks after defeating Buu, is also weak
>Frieza, a highly marketable character, is now alive again and no longer pure evil; instead is a gag character who wishes to be 5 cm taller
>Zeno, Angels, and GoDs exist
>Apparently the Supreme Kais knew of the existence of these GoDs (ultra strong beings) yet were surprised at the strength of Buu, Gohan, and Goku
>Mafuba can be used on anyone
>6 years later, Goten and Trunks are now 4 and 5 years old
>Goku never kissed his wife
>LMAO multiple universes

People don't really think DBS is canon to DBZ and DB... do they?

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Inteligente Calvo

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SSG. If techniques count KK and UI join it and make a beautiful top 3

You cannot run.

>People don't really think DBS is canon to DBZ and DB... do they?
of course not. you listed stuff that happened exclusively in the anime and the anime isnt canon


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oh yeah, that too

>Potara Time Limit Change
>Trunks’ Hair
>Saiyans that don’t want to fight.
>Gohan isn’t the strongest
>Freiza is irredeemable and wants to be taller.
>Vegeta wants to be better than Kakarot.
>Goten and Trunks Age.
>Goku didn’t kiss his wife.
>Multiverse exists.
Yeah most of that was very anime specific.

>Posting his disingenuous copypasta

>you listed [headcanon]
What's listed is stuff that happens in Dragon Ball (Z) vs Dragon Ball Super, nothing about the anime vs manga little SLUT.

>anime specific

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That’s what I said. I just listed all the stuff that applies to the manga too and a joke on the buttom.

And so the Nostalgiafag rode into the wind. Forever coping and shittng over his embarassing edit.

>T-The manga didn't make it so Potara isn't permanent
>T-The manga didn't make it so Trunks' hair is now blue
>T-The manga didn't change Saiyans from a proud warrior race to a race no different from humans
>T-The manga didn't retcon Gohan being the strongest
>T-The manga didn't make it so Frieza gets redeemed and wish to be 5 cm taller
>T-The manga doesn't have it so Trunks and Goten look no different from how they did in the Buu Arc
>T-The manga didn't add that scene of Goku stating he never kissed his wife
>T-The manga doesn't have multiple universes
Do you have autism?

I want these two to meet.

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Omen, then normal SS. Rest is trash.

Looks like franciscan priest from the thumbnail.

God damn it I thought replying to a mangafag and posting all the shit that shows he’s retarded would make it obvious I was an animefag pullung his leg.

>Forever coping and shittng

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Good, now let's laugh at that faggot together.

>Xeno Gogeta fights Demon God Demigra.

only if they work together to blast away the league of zamasus

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>he stayed angerly debating with himself in the previous thread
Finally some respite

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>>Potara is permanent
Was it ever explained why Vegito defused?

>Yas Forums shit
>tranny shit

They said that it was because they were another dimension in buu's body in one of the guidelines.

Aww. You copied my victory gif I used after I trounced you. Are you just going to post IESLB from now on?

>shitgetafag lacks reading comprehension
Color me surprised.

Yes, retard. Buu counteracts the Kaioshins just like how they counteract him, and as a result when Vegito (fused by the Kaioshin potara godly magic) entered inside of Buu the magical air defused Vegito and the potara. This is the same reason why normal fusion is allowed inside of Buu but not potara, Buu defuses the potara magic.


Anyone have fun screenshots or archives of memetic ownage from these threads? Closest I can think of is Ponyren.

>headcanoning this much
Vegetto defused and Goku said "maybe it's because... the air? idk lol xp"


See Still telling yourself I used a copypasta?

no. goku guesses that buus big pink guts cancelled the magic but nothing is outright explained until super where it turns out our universes gods are absolute retards who dont know shit. theyre permanent to supreme kais now, which retroactively explains why old kai thought they would be permanent to mortals too

>The official explanation given by Toriyama in the manga, and repeated in Dragon Ball's official guidebook Daizenshuu, is headcanon
>idk lol xp
Yeah, this place is overrun by underaged faggots out of middle school.

SILENCE. I got the last word so I WON.

>one of the guidelines
What the fuck are you even talking about? Stick to the canon manga

Don't lie. See The guidelines are canon too.

Post the screenshot

SS2 > SS4 > the rest >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SSBE
SSBE sparkly CG aura looks awful

>Had to start shitposting as he had no actual case in the thread.

>This still hasn't been refuted


I haven’t made one yet. Wouldn’t I need to screenshot all the posts I want and then cut into one of those Yas Forums Portfolio pictures?

>goku being the best is shitposting
What now?

>newfag drivel
Kill yourself


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>What do you think is the most aesthetically pleasing form?
The Super CHAD form, naturally.

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Lol none of you can even touch me I fucking run this shit.

You just know Toei wanted to write this dumbass waku waku fanspiction. At least they hve the opportunity to do that with Heroes

>ur power is fucking insane..i kneel.