A NEW anime project involving Jun Maeda (script writer for CLANNAD, Kanon, Air) will be announced on May 10th

A NEW anime project involving Jun Maeda (script writer for CLANNAD, Kanon, Air) will be announced on May 10th


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Charlotte 2.0.

Finally. I've been waiting for Maeda to come back.

>Angel Beats
I wouldn't even care anymore if he dies to his disease.

>Jun Maeda

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I will now watch the anime

She's not dead.

I want an anime with all of these.

Clannad has all of those except for ghosts.

Already exists. It's Little Busters.

Every Time

She’s technically an “ikiryo” which is a living ghost per Japanese mythology

No reincarnation.

What is Saya and Sasami's cat?

Watch it be announced one day and delayed on the next day.

Oh sorry, I didn't realize we're also considering things that are outside of canon.

>all this kino
Why do we hate him again?


Is he still alive?

>all these Kanon characters he didn't even write

>Outside of canon.
Come on, man. With every new route the dream world resets, so Sasami, Kanata and Saya are canon, as are part of Kyosuke's plan.
And the fact than every new version of the VN is with all the routes and they adapted it is something to take into account.

kino is back

He died.
But then all us fans reversed time with our grief, collected the dragonballs to wish him back and held out our hands in friendship so his heart could heal.
It was a Christmas miracle.

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This plotline seems a bit familiar, but I'm sure it's just my imagination.

>Except for Ghosts

What ghosts are there in Clannad?
I mean sometimes characters will talk to nothing so it's a bit strange and makes you think there's something there.

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Best Key girl.

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PLEASE tell me there's no Netflix involvement

3rd times the charm?

No, fuck no. Maeda is a baseball angsty singer loving sissy. I'm fucking sick of his shit.

If you don't count the Rewrite girls

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