It's time to admit it Yas Forums. Sento is the prettiest anime girl!

It's time to admit it Yas Forums. Sento is the prettiest anime girl!

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Hotter than pretty. I'd stuff my nuts in her ass.

peak performance

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Sento is for mating press repeatedly.

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sento is for all night long baby making sex

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She's plenty attractive, I'd go as far to call her stunning really. But her hair ain't black.

dont know about prettiest but i definitely wouldn't need to be asked twice to give her the D

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I did not understand this episode. She looked better than any of the Fairies on stage.

Her autism is so powerful that it masks her beauty

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Not even the prettiest in her own show.

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>24 (biologically 14/15)

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She's pretty high up there but she ain't blonde.


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I agree

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I'd love to smell her perfect butt and pussy after a hot summer walk

She is hot as hell, but if I took her to wife our sons would be turtle people. May still take her as a concubine.

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I love her skin color

She is a bit tanned isn't she? Sento's skin is a bit darker than the average anime girl. It's pretty neat.

All of the girls were top tier in this without really being in your face about it. Might have to rewatch this.

She's a cumdump dump truck

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i dont think you could design a better sperm receptacle

What's her fetish?

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Sento is the best character design I've seen in years. Such a shame her series isn't more popular

Yep, you're totally right, that makes her sexy af

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I want a buttjob from Sento

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I'd like to get that for Christmas.


I wonder how firm and soft Sento's buttocks are