>little bit autistic
Why is she so perfect bros?

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>Why is she so perfect bros?
She was made that way.

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She won't truly be perfect until her pregnant belly is so round and tight that rubbing it with oil is enough to make her cum.

Daily reminder.

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water and lel tit fags literally foam at the mouth in denial

>LITTLE bit autistic

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I love her so much. The first time I watched konosuba I dropped my waifu that I had been with for a decade. Megumin is the only girl I'll ever love.

who was the original loser?


>see the video on how megumin speaks japanese
>star considering learning japanese
Every day I stray further away from normality...

too bad that the janitors were fucking fags and deleted in for no reason

>gold digger
when will this meme end?

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Dude, even her little sister is a kill stealing faggot. Not even to speak of her parents, who raised them to be exactly what they've become. It's like a clan of gold diggers.

I hate her so much now I'm embarrassed to say. Just know she was very plain and stupid. I was young and naive.

I would proudly call her my comrade.

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Chuunis are dumb and completely unnecessary. No exception.

Absolutely shit taste. Chuuni JC's are mankind's greatest invention.

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Kazuma can have Megumin but i will keep Aqua for myself

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Fuck off, Aqua's mine.

Pedofags get out

It's not pedophilia if she's made for breeding

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>created over 10 years ago
>anons waifu up until Memegumeme
That should narrow it down quite a lot.

megumeme dresses like a slut

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one second webms are meant to be gifs


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gifs are superior in each and every single way. webms are dumb. and chances are you're a dumb zoomer.

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That's darkness

I've thought about Megumin every day for over 4 years

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>Non-existent nose
>Overly large eyes
>Jawline that ranges from looking like a sharp triangle/trapezoid to some weird overly masculine Henry Cavill shit
Lmao come back to reality.

I don't know about you guys but I wanna impregnate megumin