Tsurezure Children

Which couple was the best?

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I'm honestly not sure. Maybe your pic because of the imouto bullying, or maybe the boke-tsukkomi couple.

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This. These two were good too, but things became sour when the dude let his dick take over.

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love master and drills

dual tsukkomi couple

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Shame she was only in one episode of the anime.

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They were all pretty good.

>Teacher and student didn't get together
I'll be mad forever.

this. but I barely remember any of it.

Completely forgot about this show.
Was it good? What even happened?

This and the librarian that drops spaghetti

Awkward and cute relationships starting.

Mask girl and guitar dude

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Prez x Delinquent was very cute.

This was the best though


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This series fucked me up

How so?

Can't decide which couple was more sexually charged between Prez/Delinquent and these two. I feel Prez/Delinquent was more steered towards teasing while Guitar/Mask were more likely to just start fucking wildly in the music room out of nowhere.

not him but it got me because it was cute and ideal to the point of breaking through escapism and coming around full circle as an unfortunate reminder of reality. senko san was similar, although a little easier to tune out cuz of the girl being obaaloli fox spirit

It is a crime that these two didn't get screentime in the anime.

Best boy settled down with some sloppy seconds

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This was good when it was a gag manga with cute short love stories. It went to shit when the author went full retard serious romcom

The best, had a soft spot for these two though

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Is Waka working on anything now?
He had this series in pixiv and the assassin one but I don't think they are serialized.

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Your pic.