The City of Imprisoned Love

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We are going meta. "It's giving me a headache."

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big and shiny anime tiddies

I want to sex Yukiko while Ai watches

I have to say, for the chaotic plot the manga has, the characters are weirdly self-conscious about it. Whenever the readers have no idea what just happened, the characters are always equally confused.

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They are indeed. I still hope she isn't 100 percent lesbian.

the mangaka should just drop the plot and draw yukiko on every page

The plot is fine, he should do both but make it slower to give us time to appreciate Yukiko.

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>that self awareness about her clothes.

Makoto needs to pick out some more modest clothes for his girlfriend to wear in public.

This bitch is so damn hot, holy shit

Considering she might be the avatar of a super intelligence that made the whole humanity voluntarily get inside the matrix she created, it makes sense how perfectly tempting she is in every aspect.

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That is a huge thigh gap, you could safely sail the Bismark through that birth canal.

>a chapter that isn't confusing
What the fuck?

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Am I the only one hoping for an MC x Yukiko end? Ai hasn't had a whole heap of development, and I feel like there's something starting to brew between MC and Yukiko

It's a breather chapter, next one will skip right to the middle of the confrontation with Elizabeth with them already brainwashed by her ability.
Pretty sure everyone does, especially considering Ai is more of a plot device than a character at this point and all their relationship with her could very well be a complete lie.

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Bismark has been mentioned

That's most people. This chapter MC seems to be really appreciating her.

>yuri plothole was just bait
Based mangaka

He did last chapter as well, losing her made him really appreciate their relationship, which might be the only thing real thing in this entire manga.

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>Not even Yukiko knows why she dresses like a slut
I don't know what to believe anymore.

Did the art/faces seem kinda off this week to anyone else?

What is this even about I see this thot and her tits whenever I check for updates

>Did the art/faces seem kinda off this week to anyone else?
Not really, though the artstyle he used at the beginning changed to a more simple one, maybe he just want to draw more fast

Math with huge tits?

Something like The Matrix with less kung fu and more tits.

Fake reality mind fuckery.

The mangaka was just unmotivated writing a chapter with not a single major twist.
>What is this even about
We don't know, they are in a fake world with fake memories and can't even trust their own brains because the antagonists can manipulate it freely. The story is about them trying to escape this world where nothing is real.

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Sosuke Aizen

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So, Elizabeth is confirmed to be the nurse lady. Previous chapters strongly hinted that she actually loves the rebel leader and wants to keep him out of trouble and maintain the status quo, but our heroes are about to crash her party. The "demon of love" title implies she might be the one able to control others' emotions, but that's arguably not as strong as the other two bosses' powers in direct combat.

>inb4 this is the actual ending
The patissier already said she is stronger than the detective in this chapter, so she is probably closer to the level of the patissier but without her major weakness of being Ai.

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Yeah, what I mean is my speculation could be wrong.

cute lil speech by the mc. hope he bangs the pure slut friend instead of the plot device macguffin