Do not bully Kaos

Do not bully Kaos

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I don't want to bully her, I just want to rape her.

will she have the will to call the police?

Can you beat kaos in a fistfight?

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Probably quite severely

Kaos has high INT but low WIS

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she would raise her hands only to
protect herself

then you give her some harsh pushes
, to provocate her

these are awkward moments, she wants you to stop because she's very uncomfortable

then you start slapping her
in a joking way

she start to cry, emotionally hurt

then you switch to real bullying and throw fists at her, she gets down so you can now kick her

Last thing you do is spit on her

or just kick her in her dumb useless cunt

isn't hitting the stomach more hurtful?

finally another kaos thread for kaoschads such as myself

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Kaos dumped all skill points into her clit

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Kaos is no longer alive

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this is an improvement for her

what will you write on her gravestone?

Kaos-sensei, useful and competent

Who gets to use her still warm body first?

it's symbolic

what kind of panties does kaos like Yas Forums?

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Seeing how she loves older, mature women, I'm going to say black lace is her favourite.



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damn, she's fat

I Am Kaos.

I'm kaos too, sometimes

you're a 15 year old girl?

are you implying that you aren't?

I'd cut her fucking head off and chuck it into the river. The body? In a random dumpster behind a konbini.

A good day.

Kaos is a renowned manga artist

She is my friend, I love her

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>no shamiko nendo to put with my kaosu nendo
It's no fair