Villainess wins

Any other series where an *actual* villain wins the MC's heart? And is best girl at the same time?

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Akame ga Kill

>rec thread
Dies Irae

Are you implying Mine is a villain?

>villain wins
often in harem series
>is best girl
try boku no pico

Did she though? it's still ongoing

Basically. She hasn't appeared in a while, but she's still thinking about him constantly, while she brutally mows down the students at the new school she's been transferred to. Nomura does as well, and in the OVA he fantasizes about her rather than the other girls, whom he doesn't seem to be interested in.

t. reading the series raw

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>never EVER

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she didnt win tho?

Nice, I don't really have a problem with the other girls except Oni
she is shit

She did, refer to Also, there's this scene which quite clearly confirms Nomura's feelings.

(After the kiss scene)
>You've always been deep inside my heart. (Bang)
Then, after this panel, Nomura says this to himself:
>The truth is, I feel the same.

To add to this, the first thing he thought about when he heard about her going to the airport, was to rush there just to meet her. Hell, the dude even bought tickets to get in, and was prepared to go with her.

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Does rape/seduction count?

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She didn't deserve a happy ending even as fanservice.

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Nomura should have followed her

why is her hair always in the fucking way?

Hetero are clearly pathetic

What's the source?

alright, context?

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Pretty sure its SAO alicization.

>tfw you'll never get to beat up and be beaten up by a vicious and hot villainess

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Based Rachel

villain seduces secondary protagonist

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any news or lewds about blind loli?

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Has she been the only girl who MC really beat the crap out of?

It's pretty obvious that she's going to return at some point. She pops up then and now in the story, as well as the chapter covers.
She's become our boy's mentor, teaching him how to strengthen his magic bullet and such. A big fight is happening right now, and I haven't seen her for some time. She also appears in the authors previous series, Shinakoi, but I haven't read it.
He's only really gotten into a slug fight without techniques with Amou, but he did punch the shit out of Sayori (green).

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No one in the LDO did anything wrong. They were doing God's work.

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She is so vicious are and strong. Domineering too. Imagine if she had a jealousy streak.

>Are you implying Mine is a villain?
No, Mine is the hero. Tatsumi is the villain.

Are the races available online? How far are they ahead?

I meant raws

She already have two of them thats why she got expelled twice


On chapter 62 right now, but a new chapter should be coming soon (tomorrow).

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What's the appeal of that girl? She's crazy and would stab you to death for no reason at all.