ITT: post based pervert characters

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Alabama loli doujin is a masterpiece

what was her problem?

Her brother was too tempting and was possessed by the devil, it's literally spelled out user.

>possessed by the devil
really tho?

Why does she look like Anna from Shimoneta?


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Onigiri was beyond based.

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You mean
ITT the wisest men in anime

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is that a doujin or an actual manga series?

what a simp

Do something based

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Take a wild guess, user

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He also possibly fucks best girl.

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I genuinely can't tell. What's the name of the manga? Not getting anything when reverse searching but might just be me being retarded.

He was cool.

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Does he really? I only watched anime and manga seems to be stuck in hiatus forever.

based on what?

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Excuse me?

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that final orc army trick in the sora battle was the fucking shit

I really wanted to see what happened after dinner. Think she got shot or had a wirehanger abortion?

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Tsumi to Mitsu

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Based taste.

>He also possibly fucks best girl.
If he doesn't, then it was all for nothing.

So, there REALLY was the devil at work here?