K-on! Bread

I can't believe this show is 11 years old. What happened Anons? K-on bread.

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Nothing happened. That's why we're still here.

Is there any chance of KyoAni making K-On!!! about the Keions in collage?

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nice bread you have there user

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introducing K-ON to a friend, we're coming up on the end of S2 and i can already feel the feels
i literally cry every time I hear Tenshi

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to add to this, we're watching it in chronological order to give the finale the most impact.
i don't recall any issues with this on rewatches, but for a first timer would there be any?

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Rewatching it I forgot how funny the first season was. I actually wasn't huge on K-On my first watch all those years ago. Maybe I've just softened.

Rewatched season 1 myself recently. Good shit.

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she whoooosh

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After rewatch my favorite Keion went from Mio to Ritsu oddly enough. Though only because Sawa-chan-sensei isn't a full time keion anymore.

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Yui is my wife!

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You have a very cute wife! You are very lucky.

I wanted an invite to the wedding!

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Well most of the movie is chronologically before the final episode, but it ends with the final episode's last scene, so I'm not sure how you want to work around that.

Remember the episode where Yui gunned down nineteen people in the auditorium at the school festival? The series really took an unexpected turn there.

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What is wrong with Japan? That's like naming your kids Jack and Jake.

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I am literally going to marry Ritsu.

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azusa a shit

This show is eternal

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