Boku no Hero Academia

I'm in love with toga

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We know, Twice

She cute

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Can't be twice.

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gib spoilers

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Lovely, blessed and canon.

Deku's harem

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Toga's good. I like Toga as well, wish there was a way to manage her or help her so she didn't have to turn out like this.

However, Miruko.

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Is Fat Gum stupid?

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Miruko is ugly as fuck. Toga is better.


>Decuck self inserters

Me on the right

>Bakucuck self inserter seething again

Considering how Iida's brother wanted tonoass on the hero name to him their dad probably used it as well and its pretty much a hero family name.

Did Twice had sex with her, before he died?

Stop, he's going to spam cuck shit again.


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No, she's absolutely stunning, best girl bar none.

But I will give credit where credit is due, and Toga has some very cute sharp teeth and also nailed that sly little femdom move when she was Camie rubbing her tits on his back and grinding her crotch into Deku's ass. Alpha female move there.

I'd love at some point for Miruko to do something similar to some guy she likes, teasing them while she's got him pinned down.


Training soon

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I just want the spoilers....

No, she's absolutely awful, worst girl bar none.
>pleddit spacing

Deku makes a good mexican

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No one besides OP got them. I guess we'll have to wait next week


Fuck off nigger, you don't speak for me.

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WTF OP, how did you get the spoilers and why won't you post them?

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This. I hate every bnhafag. Doesn't matter which flavor you guys come in.

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He speaks for me and I do hate Decucks

Nice try Decuck

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to shit on you and see you guys shit on each other.



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>dekufags are Mexican

But he's not a Bakucuck

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there says LGBT
where is the H or the D


>babbling spic


Finish the sentence anons

I am not being called that constantly by my fellow fans when I am reading stuff and discussing it. Sorry it just doesn't ring true coming from you guys.

Raped his wife

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>where is the D
In your mom

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