Hunter x Hunter

Isaac Netero, the late legendary pro-Hunter and the former chairman of the Hunter Association. He died fighting the chimera ants.

He was a good friend

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Based. He had the best ability too.

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dead series give it up

Is Zushi a floor master yet?

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>you will never see Netero again

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He was casually killed by Chrollo or Hisoka when they were rising their ranks

Is this a trap?

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Thanks for the obituary, Pariston

Why do you fags think spamming pasta makes your series “intellectual”?

Silence you little ant.

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Arigato, Netero-san kaicho

>Don't touch me Hisoka. I only like Chrollo.

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>Hunter x Hunter

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Why does Netero like making silly faces?

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Because Netero was energetic and playful to the point of being mischievous.


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cute bee girl

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what are we supposed to do? discuss the new chapters?

Netero killed Youpi, Pouf, Meruem and indirectly Komugi.

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Togashi's art in the later volumes has changed. Does he draw in digital now like Miura?

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It's sad because Komugi didn't really know wtf was going on.
You can say that Meruem x Komugi is a beautiful love story, but only when you see it from Meruem's perspective. From Komugi's perspective, she was terrified half the time

That's Leorio's other wife

Cute cat girl

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Leorio doesn't even have a wife, let alone a gf.

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Leorio's fucking DEAD

wrong, machi was built for clown cock

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Hisoka was already a floor master.

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He has never been very consistent. Imagine after months and months of inactivity.

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Post characters with best hairstyles.
I'll start.

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Twintails > all

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Netero was at his best in Chimera Ants arc.

If Baise kissed Netero, he would be her slave.

Baise > Netero

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Unironically one of the worst Nen abillities ever in the series

Fuck off thot.

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daily reminder that biscuit is basically royal guard tier

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Is this canon?

>one of the worst Nen abillities
There are tons more worse, like Basho's.

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She wasn’t scared. Her life was already utter shit so she preferred playing board games with Meruem.

He wasn't. Hisoka and Kastro were the closest to Floor Master during that arc. He and Chrollo are the only two we've seen and they achieved it offscreen.

>If Baise kissed Netero, he would be her slave.
While this is true, Baise would not even know what hit her if she tried. And unlike Pitou, she'd just get turned into Jelly.