I cry everytime before sleep because I couldn't save her from becoming a disgusting lesbian

I cry everytime before sleep because I couldn't save her from becoming a disgusting lesbian

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What do you mean? Sayaka is bi.

Best ship, because of their opposite personalities; I read all the fan-works where Kyouko is super tundere and can't admit how much he loves Sayaka, but Sayaka is undeterred.

Such a cute couple.

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user, I think your interference might do the opposite of helping your cause.

>sexual orientations
Most normal thing in the world for Japanese teenagers to fall in love with the same sex; one hasn't had a normal childhood in Japan if one not have fallen in love with one's own sex at least once.

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Neither her nor Sayaka are lesbians

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You tried Hitomi you tried.

I too support Kyoaka. Actual chemistry instead of Homu's one sided yandere obsession(which is also hot.) Poor Mami just gets forgotten, but her friendship magic lives on while Kyoko and Saya kiss each other before bed.

True. Japs don't care who you love, since love is love. They have it right.

She's clearly straight.

I hope you die in flames

It's clear that Madoka also deeply loves Homura though Homura is pretty much deceiving the former at this point; it's just not as cute and interesting as the Kyouko–Sayaka relationship. Madoka and Homura are just lovey-dovey; it's boring.
Mami got paired up with Nagasi now or something, but theirs is a purely platonic relationship it seems.

Well, Japanese culture very much frowns upon homoerotic acts when one should be getting married, but not more than frowning upon remaining single, for the same reasons: one's not breeding.
They just don't consider one to be a fundamentally different type of human being for it; “sexual orientations” are just treated like the spectrum of præferences that they are, not some “identity”, doesn't mean they can't frown upon the præferences though.

Madoka loves Homura as a friend. She doesn't love Homura romantically or sexually, the way Homu wants to be loved.

Maybe, maybe not, these stories never make that too clear, and I kind of like that better.
I like these stories with super close friends that act way too physically intimate to be “just friends”, but they never really kiss or explicitly say they're in love either.

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Madoka will learn to love Homura romantically, whether she wants it or not.

She's straight. But Kyouko is her sole exception. And that's because if the attachment; no other girl is suddenly going to turn Sayaka on.

Not in a committed relationship. But a blossoming companionship that implies it can grow.

Why is she crying?

The entire hand-locking scene happens inside Witch-Homura's labyrinth, aka the fanbase-pandering clown world. In the actual story's world after Devil-Homu remakes it they are deliberately shown not together.

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Sayaka more like Sayacuck

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I want to believe, fuck rebellion and it's apologists

Homurafags don't seem to mind their waifu being a lesbian.

So basically you're a simp dreaming about your perfect relationship

>scarf and mittens, because it's cold
>naked legs

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I can see how you arrive at the latter, but how does that make one a simp?
I just think these kind of relationships are super cute and the purest form of love; I don't care about the genders.

it's called low iq, that's why homura is their waifu in first place

Sayaka is literally retarded unlike Homura though.

>In the actual story's world after Devil-Homu remakes it they are deliberately shown not together.
Holy speedwatcher.

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Logical waifufags would just self-insert as the target of affection therefore not denying the feeling. Better than to delude yourself into thinking something that's there isn't and they have no feelings and are free to be for you.

Guys can't self insert as girls, let alone magical girls in these sort of situations.

>Guys can't self-insert as girls
I mean why not? You can be anything in fiction. Why do you think I chose female protags in RPGs?


Good point. I guess Rebellion is trash after all.

I can see what you mean, but i cases like this where the characters are so defined, it's a lot more difficult unless you really relate to them.

Some doujinshi where your slef-insert dies after popping her cherry. I assume.

Except it isn't, it's commonly known as a masterpiece. But in reality it's still a good watch.

>it's commonly known as a masterpiece.

By retards suck as yourself yes, it's literally the avengers of anime

If retarded retcon shit like Sayaka x Kyouko were kept as in-universe fanfic, it could've been taken as meta-commentary on the audience's perception of the story. If it's straight pandering then it's straight pandering. The former is clever, the latter is cancer.