>gyarus get isekai'd
>have such shit stats that they could die to a light breeze
>too fucking dumb to do any sort of job
>get former-classmate-turned-hero to give them money and protect them

How can they just get away with it like that?

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At least they learn to take care of themselves kinda.

Kokoa literally revolutionised their food industry


The best part was that twitter whoring gave them cheat power.

twas sad

Which isekai handles ideological conflicts the best?

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I'm tempted to say Isekai Tensei Soudouki, but I feel I don't know enough series to properly comment on it.

>implying fang yuan's ideologies aren't transcendent above all other sand thus conflicts are beneath him
the great venerable immortal of love will be harvesting your foundation tonight.

the way they refused to call him by his isekai name always gave me a chuckle

>gets voluntarily slimed
I don't even

I was referring to the general demonic/righteous split.
Going back into this, i wonder if the other execution methods done by the heroes will be done just as well once they get there in the anime?
Ren had the Guillotine, Itsuki had the Brazen Bull, and i think there was also Crucifixion done by someone else, i don't remember who. There's also their equivalents for Naofumi's Blood sacrifice skill

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I think you mean exfoliated.

I thought the entire magazine was shelved?

maybe you're thinking of torako?

Unironically Devil is a part timer.

So when do they get isekai'd?



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It was a gag about skin treatment or something

I'm very sad it got axed, Kokoa is the best.

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She wasn't my favorite, but she was a good one. The new non-isekai manga seems to have good parts too, but isn't the type of story I'd prefer to see made.

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I wanted more Undine.

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>Quoting the Big Zucc unironiclly

>attributed to
like hell it was, he's not that creative

Based honestly better than quoting machiavelli or some greek philosopher.

I like ITS but there are no ideological conflict to my remembrance (at least in the manga). There is however a conniving old fart that makes me chuckle every time he brew up another impossible task to do for Balud with multi-layered advantages for himself. And of course the reaction of Balud's mother.

I really dislike this series, it just pisses me off and I can't explain why, yet Yas Forums creams itself over it.

is this the slutty lizard series?