5 greatest fighters in China

>5 greatest fighters in China
>"We will not lose a single battle to outsiders!"
>China raped in every single fight

Is this arc supposed to be about how chinese martial arts sucks?

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I miss Dorian, the anime really brought his voice to life

It's about how Japan is the best at everything ever.

There was a really publicized television event in Japan where they pitted Karate and Judo grand master against Chinese martial arts practitioners, and the chinks just absolutely wiped the floor with them. I think the Japanese are still super salty about that, so this is kind of like wish-fulfillment?

Not like it was a fair match-up to begin with. Most chinese martial arts are a great counter since they're more reactionary style to aggresive fighting styles like karate.

Oh man, this brings back flashbacks of GATE

Why is Japan such a Mary Sue nation lmao

But they aren't even all Japs, what are you on about?

Look if Baki and Yujiro soloed nobody would bat an eye because it'd be in line with the series.

Japan to this day has not gotten over WW2

How do I into Baki? I was going to start with the first manga but it looks like only half the volumes are translated.

Watch the old anime then read the manga. You can find translated but not edited versions of the first manga in the archives if you really want to but it's not a good way to read it.

How much does the anime cover?

Chinese martial arts are meme-tier. Some techniques from Karate, Jiujitsu or Judo could still be applied in MMA instead of meme Wing Chun or Taichi bullshit.

>manga set in the future with some new technology/magic
>”Japan adopted it quickly and became the world leaders”

Look in the Yas Forums archives for the translations.
There is also a MEGA with good scans too.

>japanese artist makes a japanese manga aimed at japanese people for a japanese company
>the japanese characters in this japanese story are portrayed as superior to non-japanese characters
This confuses the no-culture-having mutt.

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Every time

All I remember from baki is that Japan is Numbah Wan in everything

Why is everyone in Baki balding?

Is that Michael from Vsauce?

That's what high amounts of testosterone does to you.

And every time it's true.

Rent free.

Baki is unironically a highly political and philosophical manga.
Itagaki puts 100% of his opinion into this manga.
Just look at fucking Muhammed Ali, ffs.

>Is this arc supposed to be about how chinese martial arts sucks?

Yep just like in real life

Karate's as bad as kung-fu. Judo/jujutsu is an adequate wrestling system practiced at full force against resisting opponents as a sport, so it works well in MMA, depending on individual skill.

MMA is a full-contact combat sport, so naturally, most of its enduring techniques come from other full-contact combat sports: sport boxing and wrestling, for prizes or honors, under their various names and guises.

No one brings anything useful from styles that aren't normally about athletes trying to clobber each other for a prize. Maybe they have some advantages on the street, where there's sucker-punching, weapons, running away, and more than two people, and your opponents are often unskilled, but what works in one ring has been tested and proven in another.

Combat sports are ancient, and there's a limited number of things you can do with the human body. Skills that can work in a one-on-one fight with a referee are going to be found and brought into such fights. Something focused on other purposes isn't going to be as good, and when it's done mainly by people without experience in those other purposes, it's probably not going to be good at all.

Doesn't like....all future scifi manga do this?

>Japan is the major space center on earth
>Japan is where Emperor of Earth lives
>Japan invented the amazing new super mechs that saved the world
>Japan invented super internet and runs all electronic commerce
>Japan invented artificial vampire supermen

Doesn't most Chinese martial arts get a lot of criticism for being way too flashy and showy while having virtually nothing useful for an actual combat situation? The last century of film and shows has boiled the whole thing down to an overly elaborate dance with meaningless hand positions, flipping for no actual reason, and poses that are only meant to look cool in front of a camera.

Based, fuck bugpeople

you wish, wagie

Well, it is being taught as that time when everything was going swimmingly and great for everyone and there was no sadness or hatred until the Americans Came.......

My favorite is
>Japan invents a food source that feeds the whole world
>Japan's invention almost destroys the world
>Somehow French are the bad guys

You can blame Mao for beating all the edge out of Kung-Fu.