Trinity 7

Trinity 7

what happened to it? why is it not considered the best harem out there?

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no nudity

Liese best girl

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Manga's still going strong, would like a new anime though

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>what happened to it?
We're stuck with official tl


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No book mommy daughter oyakodon

Bump for best battle harem

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Do you have the other volume covers?

It's still going. Discussion just died down when it was licensed because it got dropped by the group doing it at that point. The next group was slow and not good, and by the time another group picked it up, it was "too late" to revive the discussions.

Guess i'll try again when the next Yen Press translation drops

No, I had that pic saved from the anime threads
But have a Sora

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cutest book

I hope she looks like her mom one day

A bad ending ruined this awful series.

Is the manga finished in Japan?

>You're a demon lord.
>No, he's a demon lord.
>Wait, this is the REAL demon lord.
Just got tired of it after a while, is probably what translators were thinking I bet.

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because its shit

This will end in a Harem Poligamy
>Source:Trust Me, Please

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This but only if Hijri is alway part of it

Yeah, the characters were great but the plot just got too convoluted.


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Lilith will ruin it

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More like Anna

Lilith is love

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Anna is a good girl who deserves only happiness

Reminder that Yui is a psychopath

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The cutest psycopath out there

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She is good girl

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Lilith deserves better than this shit series