Why is this trash so overrated?

Why is this boring ass trash so overrated? Watch grass grow is more interesting than this, yet it's amongst the top rankings everywhere. Seriously what is wrong with ppl.

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Your IQ was too low to understand one of the most simple animes just kill yourself nigger

I just don't find anything about this show interesting or even remotely worth watching.

>nooo he doesnt like fma nooo
why is the fanbase of this so shit

I love him, Yas Forums

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Who knows? I dropped this on episode 1, which I never completed either.

Alphonse is a pretty good character

Because it's #1 on MAL so they think everyone is obligated to like the series.

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No idea. Edgy, pseudointellectual teens sure seem to peddle it, but it's mediocre at best.

>Seriously what is wrong with ppl
Nothing. This is when you realize your shit taste.

Is this whole board just " your favorite anime is trash, my favorite is best"?

This sums up Yas Forums pretty well, yes.

Just like yours! :)

Because it's rated by people who compared it to other magical boy stuff like Dragon Ball and Naruto, and for the first time in their lives they see an actual plot.
Same reason Madoka is the best thing ever; though Madoka is actually still quite good, but still overrated; F.M.A.:B. is just bad, but the one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind.

Lol, why are the FMA haters so annoying and angry the whol time? The same thread over and over.

its good for a shonen

He's also very cute

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Because it's legitimately a completely uninteresting series that gets praised as a master piece.
At least with Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and all that related crap, everyone more or less knows, and admits, that it's terrible.

Are you really trashing FMA 10 years later? Please get back to watching isekai and idolshit like the rest of us.

Sage low effort bait threads, farming (You)s is pitiful but it's the only attention OP ever gets

I only see anti-FMA threads and the same dumb bullshit being spouted by the retarded FMA haters over and over again.

Cute boys, in all seriousness though you're retarded.

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Why is it uninteresting?

How many times must we have this thread?

At this image, some user said that Ed is a little shit and why is not surprising that both of his parents left him.

Welcome to Yas Forums.


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what the fuck was her problem

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He is a little shit though

And brave!

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Didn't want to be a hag.

Kinda cringe