Watch my anime

Watch my anime.

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Show your anus and I'll marathon it.

I tried but dropped it after 3 episodes as it was just too boring.

Is it about the inner workings of anime production to improve tourism in a small provincial town?

I did, it was great.

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You wouldn't a dragon or chupacabra.

What happened to the tree with green leaves on her right?

I would watch a behind the scenes of GuP anime.

Looks like shit.

Move to a rural area.

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Moved to the city, like everyone.

Shiori looks like the kind of girl who puts on that pure country lass act but is actually a massive slut who jumps on every cock passing through town.

I can't remember the name of what show that actually is, so no thank you.

I already did, see you again in 8 months.
I already do, where are the pink butthole Aiois I was promised?

I did, 3 times

for some reason I stopped watching this during the spic tourists chapter.

If your show is half as good as Shirobako is i might watch it.

Loved this show.

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Should I watch pink Aoi aka Sakura's show, or should I just watch Shirobako?

If you genuinely like anime to any degree and haven't seen Shirobako, please do yourself a favor and watch it.

When i finish LWA

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Already watched it. Now release tan aoi's new adventure

The first ED was so comfy, it just sounds like a relaxed summer day.

Pink butthole.

i did. it was good

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Only for the Maki scenes.

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is this any good?
I like the moles' girls

What job and hair color will she go with next?


the brown haired bitch loli was too good

She made my penis hard every time she got bratty.

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Yes, I love my PA Works working girls.

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