Name ONE thing he actually forgot when making jojo

name ONE thing he actually forgot when making jojo

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Good writing.

Josuke saving himself.

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the whole story of josukes savior was told from koichis perspective. he just imagined the guy josuke imitates to look just like him
now no one else should respond to your post


He forgot how to draw over time.

Jojo is fuckimg shit and people that unironically like it and watch it every week are braindead

dio's ear birthmark

BTFOd at post three. You hate to see it.

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Jolyne is my wife

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Characters you actually give a shit about


Nijimura Kyou.


for a shounen like you

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He forgot to make Jojo eat a Donut.

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It's not a forgot but I miss when the jojos where also nicknamed jojo

In part 1, Erina escapes from the ship's explosion in Dio's coffin, but in part 3, Dio is found inside his coffin
In part 2, Straizo can't see himself in a mirror, but in part 3 Dio can
I'm sure there's more but those are the ones I remember

didn't he accidentally name two stands the same thing once?

The Dio's coffin bullshit has always been explained

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Earth, Wind and Fire

Yeah he tried to name a Part 6 stand Earth Wind and Fire, but the alien from part 4 already had that name for their stand

he forgot how to make a good manga
or did he ever know how to?

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>what is steel ball run?

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I enjoy the fact that before JJBA was popular all the contrarians in this thread like it, but as it became popular their autistic brains automatically think it's trash. It's almost too predictable at this point.


Not even, the anime is pretty good.

The 3rd best part after part 4 & 8

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Tfw you missed out on JJCA, good times...

why would Koichi imagine a exact copy of Josuke? what a cope

Why did he imagine him all beat up then?

How to not be a handsome rogue of a man

Not really forgetting, but it would've been amazing if Santana could have shown up again inevitebly, considering he was set up as a perfect plot point for a future part.

>Characters use a very useful ability on theit first appearance
>They never use it again
>T-Technically he didn't forget!!! it was just never shown again1!!