Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

So, will love be found in the end?

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Even with the revelation he got from the old faggot that hangs around Gendo, those sincere feelings he wished to connect with Rei shouldn't die. Rei is her own girl, if he's going to learn anything from Kaworu, is that everyone deserves love. It'd be fucking kino if the one thing he takes and passes on, is just being the chill dude Kaworu was and passes on that lovin' feeling.

No, just disappointment.

If they at least partially stick with Thrice Upon a Time Novel's plot, then Love will be definitely found in the end!

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>anno was back on the depression train while working on this

It's going to be KINO.

Let's just hope that he doesn't forgot what was original point of Rebuild.

Yes, with Kaworu

Where is the main piano melody of this from? I swear I've heard it somewhere else that wasn't this

It was already stated by Anno, that Kaworu in Rebuild represents Shinji's hope, not Love.

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It's a composition from Utada Hikaru and this guy:

>tfw Kaworu just wants to represent happiness but all he manages is love and then hope
Poor guy. When did Anno say it though?

Huh. That's pretty neat, thanks. Not quite what I was thinking though.

I can't believe two of the most interesting directors in anime history were locked in hell for two decades so Anno could btfo gainax

Wait I found it. That one lofi chillhop radio thing had this remix of it on, I must have heard it while drawing and somehow not connected the two until now. youtu.be/tD5K-e0IAeg

Beautiful boy.

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In any case Utada seriously needs contact Sam Yung to help on arangee for final movie. Imagine either of those versions to play at its end:


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In one of interviews for 3.0, don't seriously make me to look for it.

Utada knew it whole time!

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He never said "only hope, not love". user is delusional.

At very least Masayuki is no longer involved on final movie.

Why the fuck does Shinji have a mullet

It was the 90s, don't judge him.

I very good remember that there was strict statement, for Kaworu to represent hope in third movie. There was no mention of love. So while that doesn't deny anything, it makes rather a question, who is delusional, if you looking for something what was not point of discussion.

rebuild of eva 3 was good, you just didn't get it

Rebuild 1 was good.
Rebuild 2 was perfect and better than the original series.
Rebuild 3 was garbo.

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I still haven't seen it because I'd rather wait for 4 to come out so I'm not left too terribly disappointed.



>no Gendo flashback
>added handholding shot
I truly like how those two small changes made huge difference in the meaning of the scene.

Rei is not Yui.
More rather she is something like Shinji's artificial imouto.