Bleach but better

Bleach but better

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But Jujutsu Kaisen is the spiritual successor to Bleach not this.

If we get the incest ending we all want, then yes.

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The sad thing is you incestfags won't fuck off even after you get BTFO.

The original is always better.

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Can be applied to almost every shonen in existence. Kys

Berserk but better

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Apply it to Haikyuu & Death Note then.

Unironically not. Aizen >>> any unmemorable villain of this

I mean, it does have MJ

what the fuck is wrong with you?


You have reading comprehension problems and I'm not qualified to help you.

wrong pic..?

Based as hell

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you can do the same with saint seya

That's only if you believe most shonen is battle shonen. Even drama & romance series like Koe no Katachi, Shigatsu, Horimiya or Kono Oto Tomare! are shonen.

gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

>Berserk but better
I'm up to date with the webtoons. Stop lying.

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KNY will always be better than Bleach because the author knows how to actually end a story. Kubo always just wanted to draw cool shit and the series's popularity gave him an excuse to do that but there's no denying it should have ended well before it did

I don't watch Haikyuu.
But with death note I'm fine:
1. Every person that helped L
2. Every person that helped light
3. Light (Muzan doesn't give a fuck about the world)
4. Near and mellow
5. Misa
6. Murata

>tropes means a story is unoriginal/bad
Get a real argument

It's Bleach but worse.

>my fellow towerChad
read here user
official translation is shit

>I've watched 5 shonen

Please do I wanna see it

>Generic story
>Generic MC
>Generic supporting cast
>Generic villains
Who gives a shit about this garbage? Grow up and read something worthwhile, you imbecile. Allow me to spoonfeed you, foolish user. Read Hunter X Hunter if you are a fan of the manga, nay, the medium that is literature as a whole.

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how was the chapter this week?

You know that Togashi himself recommend this manga because he likes it. Stupid idiot

So that explains why it peaked so early.

Beyond samurai niggas it really was nothing like bleach

>"people" still fall for this bait

MangaUpdates has almost 13,000 shonen series listed, more than half are not battle fantasy shonen. I can tell you're a zoomer who just got into anime.