One Piece

Why does Alvida chill with a loser like Buggy? She seemed more ambitious initially.

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>Absalom of D Graveyard
>Ashura D Oji
>Arlong D Saw
>Basil D Magician Hawkins
>Buggy D (star) Clown
>Bartolomeo D Cannibal
>Go D Ussop
>Bepo D Polar Bear
>Bon Clay D Wild
>Bellamy D Hyena
>Brook D Soul King
>Karoo D Uck
>Caesar D Clown
>Gastino D Gangster
>Cedar D Pharmacist
>Capone D Gang Bege
>Camie D Fish
>Caven D Ish
>Chadros Brownbeer D Higelyges
>Croco D Ile
>Donquixote D Oflamingo
>D Jango
>Kai D O
>Edwar D Newgate
>Kyros D Nutcracker
>Eustass D Kid
>Foxy D Silver Fox
>Gold Ro D Ger
>Kiku D Faggot
>Derringer D Faggot
>Sanji D Faggot
>D octor Hiriluk
>Koushirou D Gorosei
>Thousan D Sunny
>Gin D Man-Demon
>Jimbei [preferred translation] of D Sea
>Monkey D. D. Ragon
>Ma D. Monk Urouge
>Vander D. Ecken
>Im D Mother of Luffy
>Wa D O'ichi Monji
>Kozukio D En
>Kuro D Hundred Plans
>Lor D of the Coast / Lord of D Coast
>Blackbeer D Teach / Blackbeer D Marshall
>Pan D A Man
>Pan D A Woman
>Pe D Ro
>Shanks D Royal / Shanks D Redhair
>X D Rake
Just how far does the shitpost by Oda go?

When is Koby going to meet Alvida again?


From scotch -

Unconfirmed news that Manga Chapter 980 has been postponed. From the author Ichiro Oda for being consecutive 4 chapters. The author's last stop was after Chapter 975.

- Chapter 980 will officially come out on May 24 and drop out on May 21.

* The information is from the Korean leak, but it is not clear, as soon as it is confirmed, I will mention it to you. *

>a Blue east shitter more ambitious than former Grandline pirate Buggy

>X D
fuck off retard

Not really, she just wanted food and to kick people's shit in for fun. Witch Buggy she gets to do it without the Marines breathing down her neck, until Issho tore down the Shichibukai anyway.

why would Kaido fight Luffy in the dragon form lol
did you forget that Luffy was throwing dragon kaido around like a ragdoll and kaido couldn't even touch him?

what a fucking hack he had golden week and a corona break

>consecutive 4 chapters.
I don't see how it's consecutive with corona and golden week breaks.
Are they only counting issue numbers One Piece has appeared in?

Since when did we get Zazu the news bird in these threads?

alvida is lucky that buggy still welcomes her in his pirate crew after she effectively tried to become the crew's new captain following buggy's imprisonment in impel down

>1 month break

Who the hell is Zazu?

Why is he so useless bros

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I think the bird from Lion Kong

a hornbill bird that gives the news


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The breaks wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't constantly teasing reveals of the Numbers and Kaido Jr.
Plus there's the concern that all of Jump may go on a corona hiatus sooner or later, which could leave us hanging for months.

>If Nefertari are CDs then no one would even think of opposing them for fear of a Marine Admiral busting their shit in. There wouldn't be a civil war at all
You mean like no one opposed Homing? Having CD bloodline doesn’t mean you are considered a CD by the world government.

>loser like Buggy
don't talk to the next Yonkō like that

I only acknowledge one avian newsman.

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Buggy is the man with the greatest luck. They'll nab every treasure not-One-Piece by the end of it all.

can we cryogenically freeze oda until the outbreak is over?

more spoilers

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I think i'm in love

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The more I stew on it the more I realize Monet was hot as fuck, even with the bird parts.

Buggy was in the top 3 strongest pirates of East Blue

>Paigis 0
Fagets older sister confirmed

I used Zazu because he's more dramatic with his news.

Real new spoilers. Onigashima has an unexpected guest.

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Tama will join the Straw Hats

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