Little Witch Academia

opinion on this?

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Kill La Kill but PG

Never watched any of it but looks cute.

Weird how they got Our War Game's ending in there.

I like the show and the OVA. Still haven't watched Enchanted Parade

>mfw season 2 probably never

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Flawed as hell especially in the second cour but also for me nothing else I've watched made me so happy and it's still my favorite. Deserving of a second season where I believe there's a lot of opportunity for followup and improving on where they fell short last time in the writing. The focus should be a lot more on the fun episodic adventures with only loose continuity and save serious plot for a smaller part at the end since most of what went wrong in s1 had to do with suddenly trying to do that and not doing it that well

You mean Ace Combat Zero ending.

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Furries are the future, bud

Akko is the best protagonist in recent memory, and Diana is what makes that possible. I'm sick of protagonists who always succeed, especially when the story keeps acting like they're incompetent despite that.

no episode on Jasminka

How about Gridman Season 2?


Loved the first ova, mixed feelings about second.
Never watched the show i already know it'd ruin it for me

It made me love Akko when I despised her in the second OVA

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the show was fun, though.

Akko is disappointed in you

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hopefully diana gets eliminated from the next season

It's nice and fun, ending was pretty bad though. Not bad enough to tarnish my enjoyment of the series as a whole though so it's ok

Enchanted was okay...Felt kind of stiff

I liked enchanted a lot

Was the sacrifice worth it?

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i-its not a sacrifice... it's j-just a delay.... ;_;

I want Akko to marry Ursula sensei

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It was good. We're never getting any more because Michiru Shimada fucking died.

I played the game too, it was alright.

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They're already married

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>That Akko and Jasminka quest
Never has food thief felt so good. I love that game for showing us that the entire staff and student body of Luna Nova are all weirdos with Avery made to suffer
Hannah is a pervert holy shit.

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>Hannah is a pervert holy shit.
You've clearly never have been to or known someone who has been to a British Boarding School. Everyone turns into a pervert or homosexual

I liked all the random characterization, like for Onion-chan (Sola in the game). Since all the dialogue was voice-acted, it really felt cool and official.

Fuck Sucy's fetch quests though.

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I really didn't expect Molly aka "Good Sucy" to be what she was nor did I expect that despite the anime showing us nothing but the other kids laughing at Akko she's actually on friendly terms with a decent number of them.

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I enjoyed a couple subquests but even those got so fucking annoying with the timing, and doesn't help that the dungeon part that was supposed to be the main gameplay element just sucked