Is Nino the most controversial girl?

Is Nino the most controversial girl?

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*after eating and bathing.

why does he hate her?

Who? God?

Maybe in your own bubble. I don't even know who the fuck this is.

don't start

Nino is best girl and Miku is the worst girl.

This but reverse

*Nino is worst girl and Miku is best girl

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Nino is best girl, but Miku is a good girl too.
Some kind of magical cooking girl spin-off with them as the main characters would print money for Kodansha.

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Both are better than what Yotsuba turned out to be.

>No kino kiss double spread
>No hug or hand-holding
>No fluff at all for the main couple
>Not even "I love you"
>No dreams or career for the main couple
>No kiss since the festival
>Bell kiss just hand waved away
>No mention of the missing rings
>No using the ring from the study notes instead
>No using the bracelet instead of the rings
>Bracelet retconed out of existence
>11 dresses left unexplained
>Lolinakano revealed off-screen
>The photo was never seen again
>The truth about Rena never came out
>Nino cried after finally being rejected 5 years later
>Miku got more skin contact with the groom than the bride
>No kind word for Itsuki or the bride
>No Takeda
>No Takebayashi
>No Yots celebrating she's finally Raiha's sister
>Fuu never showed grandpa he could tell the quints apart
>Yots wasn't the first one to stop wearing her accessory
>No time alone during their honeymoon
>No quints branching apart
>No Fuu offering a 10.000¥ bill at the shrine
>No flashforward to taking their kids to the swings
>No flashback to Fuu giving her the white ribbon
>Pseudo-harem end

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in the butt!

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This. Fuck Meeku.

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Don't you have some NTR to read, Kaguyacuck?

I haven't read Quints but where the fuck is Itsuki? The anime made it out like she would be the main girl but I never any threads about her or her being mentioned anywhere in general

user please stop...

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I love Nino!

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Glad I dropped this flop


5toubun is one of the best selling romcom ever tho haters gonna hate

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Nino a bitch

Nothin personel, kid.

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nah that's Yotsushit.


Miku>Itsuki>Ichika>Nino>the imouto>Futarou's friends>the quintuplet's mother>a plant>water>a rock>1/5>Yotsushit.

It still hurts a bit

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Hang yourself Mikuj.

Negi, the author of the manga, considers himself super smart, a genius who breaks all the tropes.
His editor asked him to make Itsuki the first and the main girl. So Negi decided to break all of the "first girl" tropes:
1) she never fell in love with MC (but then he subverted everyone's expectations again and she fell in love after she already lost)
2) she had no relevance in any of the arcs (with the exception of 7GB, but back then people didn't know she was Rena)
3) she had no role in the overall plot
4) she had the least amount of screentime
In the end we got the most pointless character possible, a static decoration for fat jokes. Her nipponese fans are still angry about this mistreatment.

I'll post Itsuki comic because I feel bad for her. Fuck metafags though, I still hate them.

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>4) she had the least amount of screentime
Isn't that Yotsuba?

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What's your point? That you can't retcon things to make the story smoother? It was a necessary change even though worst girl won

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Yotsuba overtook Itsuki after her flashback arc in chapters 88-90. Yotsuba still has the least amount of screentime with Fuutarou.

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Nope Yotsuba climbed to third in screen time thanks to the flashback and the final arc.

Presents from all of the sisters

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And judging by Itsuki's belly Fuutarou's present was a baby

the end

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stale pasta

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