Tower of God anime

Episode 5 in 19 hours.
PV is out

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why they waste time in fucking fillers instead of patching worldbuilding and lore

Androssi voice is fucking perfect
Hentai Godness

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Why does Baam spend all this effort thirsting after Rachel when Rak is right there?

That is what i want to know too. I am no sure what are they trying to achieve with this shit.

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Is this leddit?

I dont fucking understand. Are they implying that Endorsi worked for Hansung to fail Bam? What the fuck is this?

No but you are, underage

watch it tomorrow
i think androssi was referring to anak team but hangsung part was really cringe just to make anime-only think he is important

>They actually believe they'll win
>Help them win
Would you say the same thing if they doubled Hwaryun's screen time?

The fuck are you on? Hansung is important.

yes but not in this moment
you must discover it later

She's probably talking about other teams trying to beat them, or something.

more lizard soon

IRL Yuri

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>set up a photoshoot
>don't even bother to iron your shirt

>The main antagonist and schemer of the arc is not important right now.

What is the triangle on Kuhn's head

you must doubt about him during his dialogue with ren user



He tries to be /fa/ but he just ends up looking extra homo most of the time.

I'm a fan of ToG and I really dislike characterization in this adaptation so far.

Koon's family symbol
they simplify it in the anime

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I see. It has a certain dumb charm, I like it.

>be /fa/
>looking extra homo
These are the same thing.


Produced and animated by japanese so is Yas Forums

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it's a manhwa produced by fucking crunchyroll and animated by mostly gooks. kill yourself

calling a webtoon a manhua is like calling a newspaper funny a comic book.

Nope user
is 100% animated by japanese instead other anime are outsorced and thanks corona virus they are delayed because they cant commerce anymore with other asian country

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