There's literally nothing to watch on tuesdays

>there's literally nothing to watch on tuesdays
So what you guys doing?

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Don’t forget to watch Black Clover and Shadowverse

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reading manga, working on backlog

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Shitpost on Yas Forums.

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Studying law.

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Sofa is so cute

I thought shadowverse had no cun*y

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I'm trying to study C++, but I'm having a hard time concentrating, this has been happening since a few days ago and it's starting to annoy me.

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use a timer and time yourself to focus for 25-30 minutes at a time, take a 5 minute break and continue with the 25-30 minute focus

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I'm drinking

I'm studying business management&IT security
Its actually really interesting to learn about criminology and business science but quality control is the most boring material Ive ever touched

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What are you drinking user, is it beer?

What else

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Mostly beer but also

Thanks for the advice user I might try it at the end of the day, I honestly feel like taking the day off everything and just relax

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I am not watching anything this season anyway. But i am watching classic who and i am on season 17 right now.

The necro loli Alice is pretty delicious.

sadly, where I'm from all the beer tastes like fucking piss

You are saying that as if there was anyting to watch on any other day of the week.

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Fapping to lolipires. Never gets old.

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get help

What brand do you drink user?

>So what you guys doing?
Watching old anime

Kek, C++ requires years of programming experience to learn.

you can do it 2 weeks if youre not retarded

Playing Trials of Mana.

Only if said help looks like this.

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I'm at work so I couldn't watch anything anyway. Fuck Japan, you lied to me, where the fuck my Senko san

That's boring

I was just baiting user I dont know anything about C++
I do know a thing or two about lolivampires though
Subscribe to learn more

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When is she getting animated?

How do I get my own lolivampire?

Sophie should have plenty of ways to kill time given her age.

watching a dog play doom

user, I dunno about C++ too, I just wanted someone talk to me, kek
Lolivampires are really sweety, I hope they will bite you in your bad, kek

Walk through a forest at night

Get isekai'd.

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I'm watching Kill Me Baby and playing Mother 3.

You can, but you won't go beyond writing a simple calculator for the windows console.

I really don't mind taking years to learn, I honestly find it fun to do.

Everything is interesting before you actually study it.

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Which language would you recommend, if I just start to learn to code and I'm dumb as fuck?

C++ is the opposite of fun and the only way to learn it is by developing business software with it.

Jerking off.