OVER HERE, user!!

OVER HERE, user!!

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cropped so can't google image search it. reminds me of the manga where he turn boy into girl though

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Witch of hundred knights did it better, this is just jerk off porn imo.

I had to drop this shit when he murdered my favorite character with hetshit. Why couldn't he have tortured her in his female form

>seething s/u/bhuman


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>jerk off porn
the best kind of porn


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Based /u/bermensch

fuck off bitch, I'm just a week to become a wizard

Based wizard

Ganbare user!

Hey, user...

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What will be the first thing you're gonna do with your newfound wizard abilities, user?

Which chapter was this from?

if you want the real deal wizard powers you must not have jerked off during that time either

That wasn't part of the deal


you think jerking off doesn't count as wasting sexual energy? come on now

A week and 2 days here, I'm going to spec into explosion magic

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>lesbian rapist not so tough against the dick

I recognize the style of drawing pores on that ass


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This shit had a pretty unique femdom/healslut premise. I was never interested in drug play before that.

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>Hop in dude

hentai with same artstyle?

based user. just celebrated my first anniversary of being wizard today.

Magical based