What are the chances this gets an anime? It's selling very well...

What are the chances this gets an anime? It's selling very well, not to mention most of the author's previous series were adapted too.
From all those factors it would seem a pretty likely thing to happen.

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Strongly depends if Redo of Healer proves that Japan TVs are prepared on so strong Borderline H.

gotta cut out the sex which makes it pointless

They wouldn't necessarily have to cut it. Just make it less gratuitous

Can you actually imagine Aqua's seiyuu to say those lines?

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>Can you actually imagine Aqua's seiyuu to say those lines?
Holy shit user i can only getso hard

Considering that she already participated on one autograph session with Okamoto, for series. Is pretty much set she will be definitely involved, if anime ever happens!

That's how you can sell BDs.

Actually manga itself already kind of sells that way. Just look on latest chapter.

i wanna naka aqua and not take responsibility!

Who should do it? Arms, Xebec, Passione?

Def Not Passione, they'd find a way to make the designs even less appealing given their track record

Passione shouldnt do it but they're the one who likely will.

TNK are another possibility!


It's dead jim and their corpse become sunrise slave


Okamoto Lynn adaptations are always shit anyways, so we're better off without one.

>edgy healer shit proving anything
Ishuzoku reviewers already paved the way PP could take.

Are you sure?

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Pencil dick

I did not see it yet. How sex scenes are handled there?

Just see it.

Not in the right place for that. Just tell me.

It didn't pave the way to rape.

I really, really hope so. Healer guy got an adaptation and it's inferior.
Also I think Lynn has a pretty good name overall.

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Just click on the image

What image?

Source? saucenao didnt give me anything

Are you actually fucking retarded? It's literally the subject of the thread