Hokage is a meritocracy!

Hokage is a meritocracy!

>skips chuunin and jonin exams...

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>promotes world peace by becoming an almighty dictator

Learn how to use the catalog you retarded newfag. Fucking kill yourself.

>Need to attend his daughters birthday
>Send a clone when he could have gone himself and kept a clone in the office instead

Is it ever explicitly stated that you need to be a jonin in order to become Hokage?
In any case, the ranking system is almost irrelevant at this point. Reminder: Kabuto was a genin too.

Just like how you don't need to be a senator to be a president, you don't need to be a jounin to be a Kage

Well, yeah. Not like dictators are by definition malicious or anything. They're people who dictate what a country does.

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Sasuke was right

Yeah and he his the guy who saved the world if you need to pass a test after that it's not a meritiocracy anymore

Who said it was a meritocracy?

senator and prez is two different branch you tard

Like wow what does he even do in his office? I remember the previous Hokages didn't do shit.

That proves that it is actually meritocracy though? The most capable candidate got in, in spite of being a genin. He, by the most merit alone had more talent than any given chunin or jonin.

When was it ever shown to be a meritocracy? It's the opposite.

The order of succession has been:

First > Brother of the First > Student of the Second > Student of the Student of the Third > Student of the Third > Student of the Fourth > Son of the Fourth and Student of the Sixth

And the others in contention at various times were either students of the Second (Danzou) or students of the Third (Jiraiya and Orochimaru).

Shikamaru is actually running the village and distract Naruto with pointless paperwork and other mindless busywork so he wont realize anything.

(Also seriously, why does he have time to do errands with his clones, but no time to spend with his family?)

Not sure if OP is ESL or trying to start an argument, everything is correct as it is and not an argument.

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I seem to recall Naruto skipping some ranks due to being busy saving the world too.

>Shikamaru actually has time to go home and be yelled at by his wife.

Really makes you think.

That's like they can award you a doctoral degree without having to defend a thesis if your contributions are valuable enough

Oh, I forgot Tsunade's also the granddaughter of the first, so there's that too.

Does Naruto know that he is being duped?


This never made sense.

It's done purely for Melodrama and absolutely nothing else.

Aristocracy is meritocracy.

Nothing in Boruto makes sense

This is just Kishimoto being an idiot. Its true, why the fuck would he send a shadow clone when HE could be there and have the shadow clown do the work.
His signature move is to clone himself yet he cant fucking use them properly when it comes to spending time with his family

The best teachers teach only to the best students so they become the best ninja. These best ninja then become Hokage. All meritocracies eventually turn into some form of aristocracy.

The whole thing about him not being able to spend time with his family never made any sense considering the mere existence of clones.
Guy can effortlessly create thousand of clones, but he still dont have time to spend with his family?

You would have the same effect if the real one was at the party but had to be called away for an emergency. The clone thing is just a faster way of doing the same situation.

>The best teachers teach only to the best students so they become the best ninja.

The only team selections we've ever been shown didn't involve teachers choosing their students. Also Naruto was an awful student and was placed with high ranking students in an attempt to balance that out.

Maybe the big brain strain of paperwork makes it harder for him to focus enough to make and maintain family clones. He fought Madara and the Raikage as a clone though so lol

I genuinely think Kishimoto just wanted to end Naruto off with a callback via Boruto messing up the Hokage mountain but didn’t realize how this doesnt make sense. He probably went “Hmmm why would Boruto do that? OH! Naruto is too busy to spend much time with him” yet he forgot shadow clones are a thing
Even then he brainfarted during the birthday incident since its retarded for him to send a clone rather than leaving one at the desk instead

You don't have to take a cuisine course if you have years of running a kitchen.

Its a faster yet more idiotic way. Nothing would change if they did it the way you said so I feel like the clone shit was only done for the audience to be shocked

Good thing Boruto isnt canon,

You reminded me about how he spent who knows how long in a war spamming shadow clones and that just makes this worse

There is no such thing as true meritocracy.

Hes ESL, he meant democracy as thats a meme due to some of the Hokage just assuming power.