Drew a popular manga

>drew a popular manga
>got rich
>draws loli all day
How did Murata get away with it?

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I hope you fucking die and burn in Hell.

>You can tell he uses real life loli pics as reference
Nothing wrong with this. All good loli artists use real life as a reference.


Americans have to tip for everything , even FBI lmao

Be sure to tip your mohel.

Yeah nothing wrong with having a severely damaged brain and being predisposed to harming children, totally fine behavior.


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Japs dont give a shit,most mangakas are pedos.

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He sounds like an absolutely based dude. I heard he was an art instructor at a university.

Fuck off retarded fucking faggot.

You can't draw a kid well if you have no idea how different its proportions are compared to an adult. You'll end a creating a strange looking midget. Stop being retarded for a second.

>You can tell
No I don't
Do you have something to confess about the pics you look at?

I mean if you want to get technical, with avoiding the argument of what qualifies as a "loli", age based rule of sexual relationships are undeniably arbitrary. Saying someone that is 18 is now "ready" is generalizing the mental development of people, and completely ignoring that fact that even past 18 most people wouldn't be "qualified" to have a healthy relationship- see: the real world. Now once you drop below 14-15 in terms of you attractions, then you get into the "bitch what the fuck" zone, because at that point, it's biologically for your own pleasure and serves no genuine purpose. Also, you would argue that most kids before 14-15 could give two shits about romance, even less sex. So then you are just forcing your own needs onto someone of an nonequivalent mind state.

the land of freedom

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>You can tell he uses real life loli pics as reference. Someone should send a tip to the FBI
So all artist are criminals now based on your assumption?, damn burguers are fucked.

>burguer post a retarded argument
>inmediately delete it
Imagine being this fag.

thats american puritanic sensibilities in a nutshell. most folks dont even know why they believe in them.

>before 14-15 could give two shits about romance, even less sex
Sounds like someone never went to middle school.

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Children think about sex all the time by their late single digits age, even more so today I'd think.
You were just always at least semi impotent or something.

I'm going to kiss a young teen that is 10 years younger than me in the lips and no one in this thread will be able to stop me.

Sometimes I think people develop selective memory regarding their younger years.

>I'm going to kiss a young teen that is 10 years younger than me in the lips
Girls that age try to fuck studs or already have. A kiss is nothing.

God I wish I was you.

Godspeed user

This kinda reminds me of Gargantia's art

It depends on the person. I know in 6th grade, so about 12 years old, I was noticing girls and their tits and whatnot. A handful of girls in my class developed pretty quickly.

Why are lolifags so sensitive? You don't see feetfags flipping their lid over the slightest implication or bullying, and they get drowned in shit from others. Same with say, shotafags, trap/futafags, hell even extreme shit like vore and gurofags just laugh it off. But once anyone dares to say shit about loli, an army of butthurt rushes.
What's with this particular preference that makes them so receptive to emotional hysterics?

Fuck off back to whatever normie hellhole you came from

My brother did that and now he's in jail.

Well that and the cp the police found in his computer

There aren't real world witch hunts for those fetishes or attempts to ban them.

That's not loli you dumb fucking retards. That's a mom and teen daughter.
And to think this is what you nufags pretend to fit in over.

Go back. And I'd rather be a normalfag than pedo scum

>Implying shotafags aren't even more shunned than lolifags due not only "muh ebil pedoes!" but also "muh evil GAY pedoes!" which is in certain group's eyes 5x worse. And i promise you lots of normalfags think gurofags should be locked up before they "murder someone".

>drew a popular manga

What manga is Murata Range known for? He's famous for his anime design work, not manga.

Love this guy's art especially his sc-fi ones

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You sound like you're still at school. No working adult has this sort of insight.
>i promise you
Sure. I bet you spend a lot of time around them, and in an environment where you talk about your weird fucking fetishes openly.

The most hardcore guys into lolis are absolutely silent over what they love and keep low profile even on the internet. You know nothing about us.

This. There are 2 hags in the OP and a bunch of newfags are fawning over them.

This thread went so well last time you made it.

are you referencing the dead Twitter meme I think you are