Komi 250

It's a who'd you date chapter featuring all new "girls"

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first up is ase

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I really like these gimmick chapters.

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next up fushima

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followed by sato

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probably my least favorite of the 2nd years isagi

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wouldnt be a komi chapter without manbagi

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she's the one who cleaned the desks and couldnt say no to people

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it was bound to happen but here's tadano-kun-chan

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and finally you always end it on komi

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have delusions gone TOO FAR???

new guy tadano gets the honors to come up with a scenario

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and the wrap up

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Thanks for sharing, user.

last page he enjoyed being a part this time

next time is a mixer

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damn I thought it'd be the reverse

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Why is Najimi there? I thought she had better things to do?

What's the point of the mask if they know each other already?

That's oppai lover

Oh so it wasn't Najimi but another girl going Les?

A- well then let's start,
A-the 13th "who would you date out of all the girls in school?" meeting.
D- it's been about a month. since we've had this meeting.
E-yes you're right
F-allow me to be the secretary for this meeting
ABCDE-yes please.
box- G=Tadano Hitohito
tada- what is this...!?

komi 250 fantasies part 3

da fuq is this, where am i and why am i here?

box- who would you date? -ase-san
G-i kinda remember this feeling....
kometani-volume 6 komi 75 for fantasy reference
ase- ah sorry. made you wait. did you get cold?
chiarai- nah i just got out too
ase- that's good
chiarai-the night breeze feels good
ase- yes it does

>Delusion with Tadano-chan
>Tadano-kun is also in the circle
I would be extremely uncomfortable

A cake is fine too ?

No that's Sato, who's the glass girl doing cosplay.

Just how gay is she ?