Black Clover

When will we see best girl and best family again?

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Hopefully soon. We need more Silva family scenes and to find out who the fuck Papa Silva is.

It's only been a few hours, OP

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Where will next chapter take us? Another spirit guardian? Leo? The VC? Vanica?

I expect they'll follow up on the runic-magic aspect of things, in some form

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Probably about Leo or Noelle and the others girls' fight. Rune magic is interesting, too. At this point I don't expect Vanica to make an appearance. She's most likely being saved for last.

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>Papa Silva
>probably a water mage
>Silva by matrillineal marriage
>of presumably high enough rank or status to marry a top magic knight captain
Now the royal family tree was missing damnatio a the time so there could presumably be more members

I think it'd be neat if Papa Silva were a member of House Kira. But then that poses the question as to why they would adopt the Silva name.

He could probably an illegitimate child or the son of a lowly concubine of marriagable age and with enough talent to be put into an arranged marriage with Acier.
You know, I really find it vexing that Tabata won't reveal him at all. Even the anime didn't add him in Acier's funeral scene.

He was good enough for Acier but shown in an unflattering light when we go to the Silva kids
The easiest guess would be that Acier's death made his personality change for the worse.

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That could be the case. Though we can't really understand his relationship with his children through only a flashback of him saying one line to Noelle.

I can't wait to see Rebecca and her family.

We'll probaby see them in a filler episode. Hopefully.

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>Both Royals yet their difference was so fucking huge its actually comical.
>Spiral jobber flames vs chad dragon


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I want to see the goddamm VC already.

Pretty sure that all of us here know that Noelle is a mana monster. No use comparing the two to each other.

Noelle I assume

What did tha midget expect to happen when he did that? Sista's answer will always be the same.

>He was good enough for Acier
how do we know acier wasn't an elitist too?

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He should just marry Rebecca. She's pretty much the perfect wife at this point.

Asta wont marry a quitter

So what do you guys thinks of the episode? I think that it's really good. I was apprehensive about the art and animation at first, but I wasn't disappointed when I watched it. The dungeon was also a nice surprise.

I thought it comes out tomorrow?

Huh? The subbed one had come out in the usual time, user.

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