Nagatoro Update


Senpai is bout to get fuckin' roundhouse kicked

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Senpai is about to get NOODLE'd.

Nagatoro's about to get mating pressed

Cue Naga just pulling one o' these and going back to bed

wish I had the relevant Simpsons bit from the cabaret episode but I'm lazy

Kicking? Is this the part where we start kicking?
>kicks Oneetoro
Why you....
>the two sisters beat the shit outta each other playfully
>Senpai watches with disdain

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Disdain is not the right emotion at all

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Will senpai ever learn her name?
all he has to do is sneak a peak at her trophies and not even ask her.

Or just pay the fuck attention. He's around her friends all the time.

But they only call her Hayacchi, which he picked up already.

She's in her pajamas... and senpai in the house
Will she remember this forever?

Nature sure is something

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what does nagatoro's mom look like?

>he's at her house a 2nd time
>3rd time we all know how that's gonna go with THAT

Art has been specially shit this last chapter, what gives 774? Is he busy with side projects?

You are annoying

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Imagine the smell

They do that every time, pay them no mind just like samefag cuckposter.

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What does onee smell like?

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Nagatoro will drag Sempai by the fluff to her room, locks the door and proceeds to ravishly mouth kiss him til he faints.

Sweet Vanilla

wtf that's not social distancing

Stop that, you are not the correct Stalker.


Worse, they'll hold hands

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based and redpilled

Then she can visit him at home.

The only thing that could have made it better would be Naga scratching her tummy and showing her navel.

Almost certainly going to happen.

PJs Nagatoro is cutest Nagatoro.

Prove me wrong.
you can't

I find this interesting.

So she's hot right

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I wish Nagatoro would roundhouse kick me.

i spent too much time seeing this panel

>The generic joke about the older sister
>Another useless piece of shit like Prez
>The story remains stagnant and mired in shit
>It's all because the fan base is bullshit
Reminder that the new watered down Nagatoro appeals to normalfags

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You're late.

Wrong. You have not yet spent enough time seeing it. You shall see it until you like it.

Was she always looking directly at the audience?

Niggertoro is old and busted. Prez and Yoshi are 100 times better

>Potentially a family full of noodles masters
How do you think she won all those trophies?
Bully/assassination familytoro arc begins soon.

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How do you have a tan that lasts like forever?