Dragon Ball Super

What is your opinion on the Saiyan Arc and its many changes to the canon and lore?

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one piece >dbs

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That is when Toriyama started to smoke post. Super is when he took acid:

Could Big Mom defeat Ribrianne?

Nathan Johnson best composer

literally who

>manages to have worse animation than DBS despite the bigger budget and being produced by the same team

It's weird to think that it retconned Goku into being an alien, but I guess that is what happened. It was a great arc that served as a good introduction to the wider universe. It's like a buffer between what we knew about the universe and what could possibly be out there. The BoG arc could have done the same, but it had to introduce Beerus from the get go instead of introducing characters that could have been a gateway to the divine aspect of the universe.

but it doesn't.

Oh, you're approaching me?

I win.

>Jiren: above GoD-tier (stated to be superior to all gods of destruction)
>Broly: above angel-tier (made Whis run away in fear)
>Moro: ????

Is he stronger than the Grand Priest?

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Is it true that Naruto is faster than Goku?


according to Toriyama, Goku's max speed when transformed into SS3 is 110km/h, which isn't much

Naruto is faster than that

Naruto is faster than the speed of light. So yeah, he beats that rather easily.

>Hit = in-training GoD tier
>Zamasu = rookie GoD tier
>Jiren = veteran GoD tier
>Moro = in-training angel tier
>next antagonist = rookie angel tier
>final antagonist = veteran angel tier
Movie villains are different

This is honestly the only good arc in DBZ. Freeza, Cell and Buu arc had good moments but overall they are terrible. Asspulls, zenkai boosts, each villain has 3-4 forms, side characters are totally useless after Namek, fusions, etc.

He stated to be above his GoD of destruction, which is piss fucking weak compared to Beerus.

Hit is probably stronger than Champa too.

Is Jiren stronger than Belmod?

I doubt it, but I wonder what would happen is Moro tried to take the GP's or Zenos' energy.

When the fuck did Toriyama ever say that

Well, the GP can dodge the succ because he's obviously faster than Goku, but Zeno should die unless GP killed Moro really fast.

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>Angel tier
Do these camels really..?


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When user was full of crack

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Learn to take screenshots retard

>Genuine autism suggesting Whis was in danger when toying with Broly

>has a fucking clown for a GoD
>thinks that suprassing him is a feat to brag about

Nice cope.

2 - 0
that's all

Take your meds copelycamel

>Perfect exposition that shows frame by frame that Whis gazed upon the clown while he was talking about a God tier mortal
>said mortal could perhaps be even stronger than his own God
I think you are brown and smelly.


Why won't Vegeta hold Goku's hand?

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