What anime/manga takes the highest IQ to fully understand?

what anime/manga takes the highest IQ to fully understand?

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Yuru Yuri


The answer to that question is quite obvious.

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The obvious answer is Oreimo. The subtle oidipus complex of Kyousuke as he sees his deceased mother in kirino and the authors criticism of the otaku culture's disconnection from the real world and human relationships in the form of kirino being awkward around other otakus. Only a high iq person can begin to fathom what went through the authors brilliant mind as he subverted the imouto genre by not subverting it. The readers all expected a subversion of the genre by having kyousuke end up with kuroneko but the author saw through this and subverted the audiences oinions masterfully. Kyousukes whole character is a metafor for kirino's indulgence finally reaching its highest point illustrated by her choosing the wrong answer.

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Is there some symbolism behind the rock shit in Gappy's face? Can he still blink and see out of his left eye any more?

Hunter X Hunter.

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Gochuumon was Usagi desu ka

Biorg Trinity.


Gyaru and Dinosaur

>Hunter x Hunter is a prime example of "show don't tell"

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Hunter x Hunter

>humans are the real monsters
sasuga togashi, how deep

angelĀ“s egg

I sweat to god, hiatusfags are the most insufferable cunts on this board, and to think years ago I used to say the same about madoka and jojo retards, now this, this is on completly different level

They're hilarious.

It used to be funny, but now I can't even tell the difference between hiatusfags and genuine trolls

One Piece is indeed worse than Hunter x Hunter, which is much more of an insult to One Piece than a compliment to Hunter x Hunter.

Sure, you get all the reactions, but to understand how hard the game truly is you must be at least a decent mahjong player, and that IMO is harder than being a decent poker player.

>the manga cant stand on its own without 7 more reading materials used prior
are you sure you like hxh user?

Dragonball Z

I mean I like hunter x hunter but does anyone unironically think it's anything more than a good shonen that gets a bit darker for literally one arc?

Cute. It's always insults, and never actual critiques of the splendid ways in which we carry ourselves. I'll tell you something, shounenshitter: How about accepting the fact that Hunter X Hunter is the greatest manga there is? Doing so will relieve your built up stress garnered from thinking about us HunterCHADS 24/7, and you also know that it's true, since you barely have anything resembling an argument against the masterpiece that is Hunter X Hunter.

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Even Togashi and Oda recognize it for the true intellectual's manga that it is.

I can't believe you actually took the bait.


This is either bait or your a giant brainlet

Oh the iron knee.

Mathematical Girls or Suugaku Girls if you use the japanese title.