Why the fuck does Railgun do everything Index does but better? Treats characters and side characters respectfully...

Why the fuck does Railgun do everything Index does but better? Treats characters and side characters respectfully, expands on Academy City without constant bullshit infodumps, arcs that don't feel completely butchered, villains that are likable and sympathetic, no Sasuke edgelord grimdark attempts but has dark moments that is handled well, and has moments like these that feel hype instead of cringe.

Gave up on Index halfway through s3, but Railgun just remains consistently enjoyable even with some flaws.

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Gunha is so lucky...

They know their audience better.

Fuyukawa reworks Kamachi's plot and makes up for his flaws in writing to a large extent.

Mikoto's ass being ripped into viability when?

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Because unlike Index, Railgun is a manga adaptation.

Touma is such a lucky guy...

- Main character is a girl, which means you don't have to somehow have every girl in the story part of the harem.
- No harem means fans don't complain nearly as much when their favourite character is out of focus because at least their character arc can be complete.
- Manga adaptation means cooler fight scenes
- Main character's power is basic but with many applications, so big fights can look impressive while still having a "new and cool finisher", while Touma's power relies on his opponents not realising the obvious weakness pointed out in vol.2 .
- Doesn't have to deal nearly as much with the Church magic, and doesn't need to make a hundred of infodumps to explain how this power comes from the Christ's thorn or something like this : at worst, you get some technobabble about Esper powers.

Why are western artists so obsessed with misamisa?

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Because they're animeonlys and don't know true best girls.

>- Doesn't have to deal nearly as much with the Church magic,
This is a bad thing. Straight magic is far more interesting than Raildex's """technology""".

>new IF event is bugged as shit despite it being the third time they've ran it
How hard can it possibly be to track scores? Instead I wipe all three of my teams, check scores and I have 0 next to me. Half my guild seems to suffering this, which is making us rank outside of the top 5 most days despite being top 3 to 1 when it actually works. If they can't fucking program shit than cancel the event and give some compensation instead, it's fucking retarded.

>why are western trannies obsessed with LTBGQ ship
well gee user, I wonder why

Because homosexuality is the current fad

Because they're doing two arcs per season instead of four or more. Basically every problems stems from Index's buttfuck idiotic pacing.

anime with male leads do not have to be a harem. what kind of stupid ass logic is this

The only relevant girl in the series is flower power Anna.

the kind of stupid ass logic that sells copies of your work off the shelf, that earns you a lot of money off of gacha, that makes people want to do more fanart which gives you free promotion

konosuba wouldn't work as well if all the characters were men seeing how starved and horny some of the people on this board are

The characters are cute girls =! The characters want the MCs cock

So all the men here are self inserting as females?

Because you're a secondary retard

A manga is easier to adapt than a LN. Shocker.

LN fans are pissed right now so they’re never going to admit it but from an outside and non biased source it’s clearly because Nagai is a much better director and has had major success in the past as well as current times. The Director for the Index anime is unproven and his most impressive work is Index itself. If he’s picked again for the next Index anime I think fans will literally boycott it.

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It doesn’t, the Director is just shitty for the index side plus it’s much easier to adapt a manga over an LN

>Gave up on Index halfway through s3
Almost as if they were trying to cram 9 arcs into 26 episodes while Railgun puts 2 arcs per 24

Hey that one western artist made a KamiKuro Doujin and BTFO misamisa, they’re not all like that

It’s so much easier to adapt manga over LN. No it’s not. It’s been done before and with great success. Even in movies that aren’t anime LN and books are on the same level to convert into movies. Don’t make excuses for the incompetence of the Index director because you’re only making it worse for yourself when they hire him again.

>People except absolute elitists love Toradora (a Nagai anime)
>The most recent berserk anime is shit. (a manga)
Imagine my schock.

Yeah and you know what? The director could have made the call to do less arcs but didn’t. His reputation is on the line after all but apparently the director for Index thinks he’s Hercules when in reality he has no notable works besides Index which we’re complaining about right now.

He doesn't have the last words on that, and they did make a call. But if the committe says that you won't get more than 26 eps, you won't.