Dosanko Gyaru Is Mega Cute's Mangaka has been infected with Corona

The series is going on a 1 month break at the very least because of it now.

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Just a flu lol

I thought that mangakas do not go outside

I don’t know wether to blame the ch*nks or the Jews for this so I will blame them both!



You go NTR, you deserve what fate has for you

It did? I wasn't following the manga actively but was considering it.

Not ntr, it just devolved into generic harem shit

Even the most shut in mangaka must come in contact with objects and people that have been outside, like the editor who comes knocking to see how’s the chapter been coming along, if deadlines will be met, etc.



great harem shit*

Anyone knows how old is the mangaka? Corona is just a joke if you are younger than 40.

"Just telling you, it's not corona."

>post moonrunes
>make false claim
>they eat it up and don't do research

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Based corona dabbing on gyaru niggers.

>author makes the manga turn into aids
>gets aids

this is some rapid fire karma wow

this but unironically

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RIP in pepperino

Stop saying it's turn into harem. The mangaka has sidelined the other girls hard since few chapters ago.

I don't read this one but it's always a sad day when a gal manga goes on hiatus.

At least it's not the japanese cold.

he deserves it for turning the series into haremshit

I'm pretty sure the history senpai has gotten more solo chapters than Fuyuki at this point

good, she's best girl

What are his actual chances?
Joust e fleu, bra.


>Gyaru author has flu
>Namio Harukawa dies
double rip

>shovel snow for an hour
>get corono

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serve him right for introducing senpai and then cockblocking her like he did.