Heya Camp (Yuru Camp)

OVA out

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Subs where?

>short hair


Fucking this, fuck nadeshiko, fuck yuru camp, fuck everything

remember to download it since it will only be up on youtube for a single day.


why is it out so early?

you may not like it but this is what peak female form looks like

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Because of corona, they decided to air it to fill the void

Heya camp youtube channel when?

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Its based on the special chapter that was made for Yamaha to advertise the Tricity 300 155cc trike. It would require Rin to level up her license and so they had to show her as older. It looks like its going to become canon though. Latest chapter had Ena talking about cutting peoples hair.

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With these ugly ass banners all over it? No thanks. I'll wait for a proper release.

short hair fills me with despair
but it was still comfy to watch
onsen episodes are best episodes

That makes complete sense. I just hope this means covid is not delaying next spring season


>short hair means older
>a fucking 3wheel bike
Retarded but I'll consume it anyways

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She looks fat and dumb.

The trike is real.

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Character development

I think the animators took active field trips to locations in order to properly replicate them in the show so there could be a delay due to that

I STILL fucking hate short hair Rin.

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She's next


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She was the one who first thought up short hair Rin.

>She was the one who first thought up short hair Rin
The tard did it again

I'm usually okay with haircuts. This one is disgusting

Looks comfy for a long trip

And she is next since in her fantasy of ten years in the future she also has short hair.

arigatou google chan

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Buns are the most disgusting thing to ever exist in the world of anime.

Can Shimarin even compete in the Tournament of Camping without the core of her power?

fuck all of you faggots, short hair makes more practical sense for her outdoorsy lifestyle than her waist-length fire-hazard hair, plus it is objectively cuter and adds to her t o m b o y factor

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Kill yourself

It will only be up for 24 hours and be taken down afterwards

To be fair, almost everything in that show except the 980 Yen Tent (along with something else I can't remember) are real products IIRC

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Picked up

Submit it

god, i want to rub her supple shoulders and cup her neck so bad