One Punch Man

Was this fight really so bad or was it Murata's release schedule

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i love tatsumaki.

worst fight of this series

it was a good fight

What killed the hype?

it was a great fight if youre an ant

Both. The fight was shit to the point it was hard to tell what was going on, Murata wasted months on useless redraws (he is still redrawing those chapters, lol) and it took him so long to complete it that there was no suspense or sense of urgency anymore.

This and the second-rate heroe's "fight" on the surface were completely shit.

Speaking of redrawing chapters, when the hell is Volume 22 coming out

The fight was fine, the amount of time Murata spent on it is what made it so hated.

Also, in retrospect, it's pretty fucking shit that the two manga original MA dragon fights lasted much longer and had a much bigger scale than all of the webcomic MA dragon fights. Murata spent just as long on all of the cadre fights as he did on just CE vs PM.

Fight was fine but the redraws and release made it last longer than needed to be. At least Big Brain posting made it hurt less.

Seeing heroes no one cares about do supermoves no one cares about on oneshot fodder monsters no one cares about that takes months to get anywhere because Murata makes every panel it's own page and as flashy as possible gets old.

it was kino, we just need UFOTABLE

It's kind of absurd that Flash and Child Emperor got so much time for their dragon fights while all the cadres were basically 1:1 from the Web Comic. At least Drive Knight vs Nyab actually provided more info on an underdeveloped S-Class and set up future plot points

Child emperor seems to be Murata's favorite as he still redrew so many panels for him and his mech. Flash I get it was supposed to introduce the ninja village plot early.

It was a good fight. It would have been absolutely amazing if shorter (25-30 pages less). It's hated because it took too much time

>It would have been absolutely amazing if shorter (25-30 pages less). It's hated because it took too much time
I wish it was 3 pages longer

Some of the space from this and Flash's fight should've been spread out to other demon/dragon fights

Flash fight wasnt even that long. Only two chapter's worth and wrapped up after that.

>to the point it was hard to tell what was going on,
You’re fucking blind dude.

The fight was sick
The release schedule was also fine
Anyone who thinks other wise is a newfag to manga
Murata is one of the best artist in the game and his pace is quite good
Not the fastest but well above average

Flash won’t fight for the rest of the arc so it’s fair.

Child Emperor is another matter, tough. He even kept his bag unlike the webcomic so expect him to pull more tools and fight some more.

I find it hilarious how people are acting like it’s a crazy long fight even though it was done faster than about any proper Baki fight.

he had his bag against evil natural water but lost it by the time that fight ended. its a panel showing him using his weapons against it and not working.

good fight and the best manga right now too

you trying to be contrarian because people are loving it right now?

It wasn't.
People are just way too anal about wanting the arc to remain pure to the source, or have an unwavering hatred for characters not named Saitama and Tatsumaki

I actually liked it, but God forbid someone try to start a discussion when every thread for "the best manga right now" dies before 50 replies

>but God forbid someone try to start a discussion
If you dont have something to discuss, don't make a thread
This is Yas Forums tier posting right here
>why is *popular thing* bad?
Great discussion topic

reeeeee one punch man is number 1 my mom's boyfriend said so

Odd comparison. Not that you're wrong.

This is likely what happened. The new fights were decided by ONE but he is a lazy fag and just drew barely necessary storyboards, saying to Murata that he could expand those fights. Murata being a db fag decided to expand those fights to unimaginable level, not planning properly. This caused phoenixman fight to last 4 months. The other cadre dragon fights were already done and ONE, being the lazy fag, gave only text scrips to Murata, changing arrangements of those fights. Murata, because he didn't want to disrespect the original work by ONE, only added here and there some bonus sequences, like he did to Boros fight, for the original webcomic panels.
Also the constant delay of the chapters is due to ONE continuously asking Murata to draw hentai.

serial reading always sucks. Just binge read the archives after an arc is finished

He still has his bag unlike the webcomic so clearly he'll do more with it.

ONE is the Tom Sawyer of mangakas, I hope he's sucking Murata's dick constantly because he owes that guy his entire fortune

He does. Murata even stream it back then.

Depends on what he has left. He had nothing to do against evil natural since it was drowning him.

ENW pushed him in a corner and he didn't have much time to think nor use things that requires preps. The fact he got his bag 100% means he'll use it some more.

He will pull out the gauntlet to beat black sperm