Size difference couples are peak

Size difference couples are peak.

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only if the size is due to the difference in age (>10 years)

Poor children.

They sure are.

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Absolute top tier taste, my dark skinned brother from a different mother

>wanting your kid to be manlet

>being manlet

Manlet, when will they learn?

Being a manlet is not necessary.

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Mizusato is pretty based in that regard

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>Wanting 3dpd children

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Yes, but I hate it when it's "The smaller one looks like a kid." shit.

Why can't there just be short women in these stories without some weird bullcrap getting in the way.

When will you learn english

That's a good way to lose teeth.

About this much?

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Same sex size difference couples are better

>LARPing lanklet coming to shit up another thread vaguely height-related
When will you learn to fuck off

Nice quads, but stop making me want to watch this.

Preview looks like an ass cheeks spread.

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How much size different are we talking about here?

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Get out normalfag

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What if the older one be the shorter one?

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Good taste

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It's adorable as fuck.


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Go be homosexual somewhere else.

ngl im a lanklet, all my relationships are gonna be size difference to some extent.

I agree, if she looks like a child it gives the impression that she could still grow taller in the future. Looking like an adult while being short conveys the full message: this is her reaching her maximum height potential, and she’ll never grow any bigger no matter how much she wishes. And displaying sexual maturity combined with such height conveys her readiness to get impregnated by a dick half her size. It’s hot.