Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 112

Part 6.

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The clothes held up in the right place.

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Last page.

Not the last part but the next will be for sure.

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The next chapter is going to be a kick in the feels like the mouse chapter, isn't it?

Rough script:

With that, see you next time.

Don't make me sad.

I'll be there to hold you when the bad things happen

He grew how big?

how wet is she?

More like shit-on.

Who knows, a lot?

Thanks a lot, like Always

I hope you're wrong. I just want them to be happy


I hope author will pull a stunt like showing dino girl suddenly popping out perfectly healthy and with a bunch of dino babies around.

I mean, if Terano survived the meteor why the hell shouldn't she?

Thanks for TL

They both look the same now, who's who?

Easy. The clothes give them away. Only Terano has them ripped down to the waist.


T-Rex's could power up, who knew?

Fucking mammal attack, shitty dinosaurs...

damn, I nearly forgot about your weekly dumps, OP

One of the more satisfying sudden power-ups I've seen in years

wasn't Terano stated to be only 130 or something? I think he might be a clone of this Terano