Tell me some interesting facts that you know about Shinka

Tell me some interesting facts that you know about Shinka.

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She's my owner and she beats me everyday.

she is my wife

She really really really likes dogs.

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fuck your spam

"She is my waifu"

not wife but waifu.

Built for knotting.

Undisputed best girl.

I've gone from liking, to hating, to again liking your spam. Still, fuck your spam

Her feet are stinky.

She is my wife, she is real, she loves me and i love her, SHUT the fuck up

may I fuck your wife

Carried the anime and was superior to the autist in every possible way.

I fuck your wife everyday.


Holy based! Make her happy for me!

She fucked Sanae, but still prefers dogs

My wife is mine alone, she is a good girl.

She's my mistress but shh, her husband doesn't know.


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Whatever helps sleep better at night, cuck.

You are all lying Shinka likes girls not men

She's your mistress but she's my cum dump

i dont sleep well these days, i think they are just naps instead of long restful sleeps

We used to call her 2pig2.

I remember Stinka

shut up!

You singlehandely made me addicted to masturbating to this girl. I already had a waifu, who I won't mention, but your constant spamming made me check the anime threads ago and this girl became basically the biggest weakness my penis ever had. I can't resist clicking your threads and seeing the Shinka pictures, which arouse me greatly. You ruined my relationship with my waifu, fuck you.

She fucks bees.

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She'll be your babysitter tonight.

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