Are you remember this Yas Forums

Are you remember this Yas Forums

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Wow, they cleaned it up real good.Whats the total tally anyway?


Feels familiar but I can't put my finger on it

Must be Kyoanus studio

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Luckily they became hacks and didnt produce anything of worth for 8 years anyway.

I'm not good with Japanese culture. Is a haunted house cleansed when the building is destroyed or do you need a priest to purify the land too?

Remember what ?
There is nothing there

Hibike and maid dragon were alright

according to this board if you can't find a priest, a team of magical girls will deal with the problem.

Yes. And it makes me sad.

So what happened to that red shirt guy? Still in hospital bed?

The camera angle makes it look like the Nichijou ED.

Not sure it's a cultural thing. We had a mall catch on fire and they basically rebuilt it from scratch.



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no they weren't, you're just used to eating whatever shlop is put in front of you

you mad?

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It is. Try selling a house someone got murdered in, even if it's in a prime location. The only potential buyers are social outcasts nobody wants in his neighborhood. Otaku, criminals, American immigrants. They ruin the real estate prices of the entire neighborhood.

>Are you remember
Go back, Paco.

Holy fucking retard.

N-Nani!? Which villain did that?

Only braindead retards would let some dead guy they don't even know stop them from renting/buying a good place for cheap.

that fire was three years ago

Learn proper English before you post here, please.

the fire wasn't even one year ago, before you fucking retards reply

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Isn't every building haunted by your logic?

If a famous serial killer lived in it someone would totally buy it

Make everything from wood, what could go wrong?

Exactly my point. Ignorant and arrogant imbeciles like you would move in.

It was 2 years ago.

>American immigrants
Holy kek

I hope all the big studios get burned down so we can get a manga renessiance

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I remember

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I was in 8th grade when Kyoani burned down. I remember right around lunch time there was a lot of commotion and we got sent home. When i got home my partents were watching it on the tv and crying

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