Given that this is YuGiOh! how long until it turns into an edgefest involving satan trying to take over the world? And how exactly will it happen?
I think that most likely it will be something like this:
Season 1
>Everything is happy and nice
>Several one episode characters and duels
>Several hints towards Goha president being evil
>Roa is an asshole rival character
>Not much happens other than setting up the story, the main focus will probably be a torunament arc
Season 2
>After the tournament it is revealed that its true purpose was some satanic card game ritual or some shit by Goha president
>It turns out that Goha president made a pact with card games satan to become the ruler of the world, thats how Goha has control over everything
>Romin is his daugther, and she is meant to be a sacrifice for card games satan
>Roa was an asshole rival because he actually wanted to save Romin from her fate
>Yuga and friends are persecuted by the now controlled by card games satan society
>Eventually a duel of Roa, Rook, Yuuga vs Goha president possesed by card games satan
>During the duel Roa sacrifices himself to save Yuga and Rook, dying permanently
>The remaining duo win, banishing card games satan form the world
Season 3
>Yuga is now edgy and depressed
>The main plot is about constructing a free society
>Several one episode characters from S1 return
>The other main plot is about yuga learning that rush duels are TANOSHI again
>At the last episode he remembers it, probably due to Roa's ghost appearing and dueling him or some shit

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I want to fuck her.

there will be no edge, this is a different staff and they dont seem to know about the formula

Next episode Darth Vader lookin' guy in the mask appears and he begins stealing souls. Things get more fucked up from there.

Lll satanism will be treated in a light hearted no stakes manner.

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It's not a Yugioh show. It's a Rush show.

The rush franchise is weird.

YGO lost it's fangs

I'll trade the fangs over if it can consistently deliver good characters and interactions.

Zexal era ain't coming back. New gen is too tame.

>Next episode Darth Vader lookin' guy in the mask appears
I mean, he's in the voice cast.

>mfw corona chink aids kills sevens, and VRAINS 2 is announced

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Take them or leave them, it doesn't really matter. We got all the battle sequences we need.

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Vrains was a tumblr shitpost. What show gives more personality and character to AI's than the humans? It is unreal.

AI's are gonna replace humans.

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I think megaman did that.

Maybe in X series.

I was thinking starforce even though those were aliens technically.

For a moment I thought you were gonna talk about Battle Network's take on A.Is.

starforce is the equivalent to zexal tho
battle network is the equivalent to vrains
x series is equivalent to 5D's
and arc v is that shitty mobile game rockman x over that nobody ever gave a fuck about

I wouldn't say that humans had less personality in them there. Really, was singling out X only because it's the only series where there is like only one named human character who doesn't do much. The rest had quite a few humans.
Well, depending on what you count Carbons from Legends as, anyway.

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This is my favorite YGO protagonist.

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Transformers ahs already done this. Robots have all the personality while humans suck there.

Hey now, everybody knows Zexal was Jojo Part 4.

We disagree on that then. Especially if you watch the anime.

X-Over wasn't that shitty actually, but either way Arc-V is the brazilian Megaman comic.

In Mega Man the AIs are the main characters and the focus of the series though.

He's good.

I also wouldn't directly tie how exaggerated the personalities are to how good something is.

Eh, I dunno.
On one hand FM-ians had a lot more personality in anime (to the point where snek became the best girl), I guess. On other hand, it's just that humans made a weaker impression than in games.

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Super cute

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Either way I wouldn't call the human characters bad or worse off for having less personality. They're supposed to be japanese and all.

reminder that nothing is cuter than Roboppi

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