Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

Who would you pick from your country?

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Norway here, would probably pick the unnamed viking at stamford bridge.

Hardrada would unironically be a better pick than DUDE SUMO LMAO

Ned Kelly

Andrew Jackson

Yeah He'd be a great choice too

technically he isn't Jamaican but Henry Morgan

That would be kino as fuck

Ned Kelly is the only real choice

It's quite easy really. Okita, Hijikata, Musashi, Kojiro, Masakado, Tomoe Gozen, Abe no Seimei, Masamune, Hideyoshi, Nobunaga, Ieyasu and Hanzo.
Read more manga.


Thomas Jefferson. Dude would bring the lightning like a mortal Zeus.

I'd straight up put someone who either has no right of being there, like Neil Armstrong, or an extremely well-known figure like Georugiu Washingtonu. Half the fun of Shuumatsu no Valkyrie is how it throws most real-life basis out of the window for chuuni gold. I'd pay money to see shit like "Neil Armstrong, Hero of the Human race, with his signature kick attack 'One Small Step' ". Or George Washington parrying attacks from Hades with a musket bayonet after a weird flashback to that time he singlehandedly held off the Brits at Saratoga.

Much more enjoyable than
>muh cunt's literally who honorable and super duper strong warrior hero.

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Cernunnos the deer god
and d'Artagnan

Zombi dos Palmares.

sweden reporting in

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Charles Bronson

>Meme who probably didn't even exist

>japan is the home of three of historys strongest champions

Fuck you, where is my cid campeador at ?

Either Teddy Roosevelt or Patton.

Nietzsche obviously, he already killed God.

>Starting a new thread for discussion after TLs went up
>Except you open with a topic that will turn the thread into Yas Forums shitposting again
Why can't we talk about how Raiden x Purdr is cute as fuck and how sad it will be when Shiva kills them both ~8 chapters from now?

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Possibly, but Shuumatsu no Valkyrie isn't exactly historically accurate.


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Alfred Nobel

Does shuumatsu mean weekend ?

sumoniggers get the rope
all hail Lord Shiva

Raiden looks a bit like a roided up Renji

>Not Douglas MacArthur

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Adam and Sakata Kintoki literally don't exist and they're on the roster

I swear to god if Shiva doesn't win I'll be mad. They've teased this motherfucker ever since the beginning, I want to see him let loose so much that he vaporizes his opponent

Bob from Accounting.

Why him? Teddy fucking took a bullet to his chest, continued his address and even shittalked the assassin as he did it.
On the other hand Patton is the hardest motherfucker in our Army's history. The bants would be gold

>Pajeet or Nipwank
I'm rooting for both to die

I hope sumofag and Souji both get fucked up by their gods. Makes it more likely for the real chads (Tesla, Simo, Leonidas) to win their fights.

>guy who literally never did anything but talk shit

From Brazil, I'd choose Besouro Mangangá: he was a really famous capoeirista, his myth says he had "corpo fechado" (closed body) from a ritual by Umbanda, which meant he was immune from knifes and bullets, only to be hurt by a knife made of tucum, a type of brazilian wood, could dodge bullets, had supernatural capoeira skills, etc.

We could also have Zumbi dos Palmares (fucking incredible), Duque de Caxias, Lampião, Antônio Conselheiro, among others.

what if draw happens

This had better be a good fight

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>Wanting any of the WW2 Prima Donna generals and their cults of personality to represent the US of A.
Fuck that shit, Founding Fathers or bust.

Jack the Ripper is fine for this kind of tournament. I suppose someone like Robin Hood or Lancelot would've been pretty cool too, maybe even Merlin or Arthur.

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>Pajeet vs Nipwank
I hope both die

Y-Chromosomal Adam isn't even close to the first man

Damn bro what does that guy have like a 14 pack

Also retarded. user is right, Shiva was teased straight up since chapter one while this literal who just debuted. Narrative-wise a Shiva semi-stomp makes the most sense since humans got incredibly cocky over two razors edge wins, but nippon banzai so who knows what we'll get.

I would be nice to have an interesting King Arthur character that isn't fateshit

Raiden will lose. Souji will win, but he'll beat the Japanese god in a swordfight. Kintoki will lose to make Japanese humans 50/50 but Bishamonten will win so Japan gets a god win even if he's shared with India.

Jack is one of history's most famous serial killers. Plenty of cultures have famous swordsmen, so he's a good choice for brits.

I'll be overjoyed.

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