What is the Hokage mentality?

What is the Hokage mentality?

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The Will of Fire. The only important thing to being a functioning member of society within Konoha by putting the people and the safety of the village above all else.
IE Itachi was the anti-Uchiha.

Sacrificing everything for 'greater good'.

That's the Tau mentality.

Kill yourself, narutard.

Subhuman mentality

Doing paperwork and sending children to kill your enemies


Being such a patriotic boot licker that you'd do ANYTHING for the village regardless of how retarded or unethical.

>You murdered the entire uchiha clan and sent them too the gulag for no good reason
>"a small price to pay so no one points out are shitty authoritarian system."

Yeah the leaf is a shitty authoritarian system i'll give you that.

The leaf is a military fortress that also happens to have a town in it.

The hokage mentality consists of
>wanting to be the hokage
>smiling with eyes closed
>being popular
And that is it

Yes and no. Its kind of akin to a weird mix of a war economy, some social feudalistic system. Really its system is all over the place now that I really think about it.

Technically speaking the daimyo rule over everything, with a military class that runs everything for them and then a merchant class. The military class isn't like a normal military we have in the modern day as the do a lot of every day common jobs that are kind of independent of military actions. I.E. naruto and co hunting after cats. We don't see any farming happening in naruto. Which is kinda weird.

The most reminiscent system is probably the nazi war economy with all the soldiers running around, the huge conscription, constant wars and a dash of private owned property thrown into the mix.

>Technically speaking the daimyo rule over everything
I never understood why they just didn't overthrow the daimyos or at least greatly diminished their power. You think they'd learn to not leave the affairs of their village to some fickle old men but no.

Because the hokage is the scapegoat for all the villages problems as the figurehead while the rich daimyo who sit back and do nothing but raise tactics and support wars for profit and gain can laugh.

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The great nation's on Naruto is presented as Jap feudal nations. The unique thing is that the warrior cast is large enough to be self sustaining, and engage in something that looks like modern PMC activity. And going by early interviews, this was intentional in the worldbuilding of Naruto.
This worldbuilding do stay consistent trough out the series, from Naruto going to a neighbor state to protect a bridge project, to having a PMC certificate to lead squads, to the fillers, to everything that eventually happens in Shippuuden. And even the flashbacks on how the village system evolved from Mercs monopolizing their manpower, forcing a complete continental reform.

Jap feudalism is somewhat different from Euro version, since Rice can handle long term storage, which meant Rice exchanges and a Rice trading economy developed.
The same happened in China as well. Essentially anybody could ride into a exchange and try to get X units of Koku. And Koku is about one person's worth of Rice. Which means unlike Euro Feudalism there is a lot of valid trade inside of Japan from traders and nobles.
This lead to larger armies and larger cities than Euro counterparts. Still 80-90% peasants to run the island and not starve, but 10% free for warfare and poetry is rad.

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Sasuke was right. Konoha delenda est

Letting the Raikage fuck your wife.

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Good answer, but Itachi wasn't anti-Uchiha, far from that

Where do all the missions come from then, if the majority of the population is composed of serfs? Also, what role could ninjutsu possibly play in this, considering it offers practically unlimited resources?

Fuck off narutard

>Where do all the missions come from then
Same as Mercs and PMCs works in Feudalism. Whoever got enough barter and political clout to secure such contracts.
All lesser countries or fiefs or areas unable to defend themselves, since the Ninja Villages monopolize Ninjutsu.
The first arc literally covers it.
They literally hire bottom level PMC ninjas(team 7) to protect a bridge construction from a local mafia they haven't paid extortion money to. The local mob is human level, and is a joke compared to children with a few months of training.

>Also, what role could ninjutsu possibly play in this, considering it offers practically unlimited resources?
The Genome to be able to be good at Ninjutsu is a limited resource.
Which is why monopoly over bloodlines caused the village system to be forcefully created.

Which one of these is actually true though? Was Will of Fire a good or a bad thing and was Uchiha clan truly deeply wrong or not?
Serious answers

Given how easily everyone forgives war criminals it's clearly a bad thing.

What do you mean?

Obito was a cool guy.
Pain was a cool guy.
Itachi was a cool guy
Orochimaru is still doing his experiments without a care.

I'm rewatching classic naruto and I'm still wondering how Orochimaru got away with everything in the end

I know that. I meant why does that mean the will of fire is a bad thing. Pain was never considered a good guy by Konoha, only by Naruto, same for Obito. Others worked for Konoha's sake and did stuff that saved much more people than they killed. They sacrificed a few for the sake of many

I can see that, but mercenaries only specialized in only one type of task, unlike shinobi who pretty much specialize everything, thereby reducing the fortunes of the rest of the populace, which in turn, reduces their ability to order missions.
Also, genes that allow one to be good at ninjutsu does not really make sense to me, considering that a fairly large portion of shinobi within the series come from civilian backgrounds (Kabuto, Sakura, and Minato, to name some pretty powerful ones) and most of this civilian-descended portion are able to use ninjutsu pretty decently. Also, I am talking about simple ninjutsu like Water Bullet or Grand Fireball or tree-walking, not things like Water Dragon


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kill millions to save billions

>Also, genes that allow one to be good at ninjutsu does not really make sense to me, considering that a fairly large portion of shinobi within the series come from civilian backgrounds
Why would you speedread trough the entire of Mandara and First's flashbacks to HOW the village system was formed?
Because it has a point:
Nobody inside the village is of normal blood. Its WHY village monopoly worked out so well in the long run.
Everybody inside the village who isn't of a higher clan status is mutts between various lesser clans and the Senju.

This is even elaborated upon, AGAIN in Boruto:
Kaguya eats the Chakra of the world -> She has 2 sons -> All the clans descend from these 2 sons

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I'd assume its the fact that a lot of those things just aren't relevant in terms of day to day jobs. Like when are you really gonna use a fireball jutsu in a regular job? Can't be for cooking because they will most definitely overcook the food.

Tree climbing?
You really don't need to climb trees often for most jobs.


I can kinda see you making a high pressurized ater jet to cut trees but that requires ou have water chakra. The series doesn't quite show this that well but, being able to do multiple styles of jutsu

I.E. water, fire, lightning etc. Is a big deal. This leads to to terms like kekkei genkai where some of these people can combine these styles making new ones like magma style or wood.

So a lot of these abilities will be limited by your chakra nature or having the rare skill of using multiple chakra natures.

In short. The higher end techniques that require chakra nature are too limited in use outside of combat and require you have that chakra nature or be incredibly skilled to use multiple chakra natures.

Where does it say that all clans are descended from Kaguya? I thought that only the Senju, Kaguya, Uchiha, and Hyuuga were descended from her, and the rest were from normal humans who learned how to manipulate their chakra

Obito summed it up, acquire peace for your village and the world.

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>my clan is infamous for giving in to their strong emotions and becoming irrational
>I kill my whole clan to prevent a civil war, but I leave my brother alive so that he can grow up to be an upstanding ninja that will eventually kill me and cleanse the Uchiha name.
>oh no he became a power hungry crazy person who confirmed what everyone thought about the Uchiha.