The theories were right

>the theories were right
>remake is actually an AC sequel
we've been bamboozled

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whoops wrong board my bad jannies

the time jannies are dead

Are you lost? Anyway

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>Tifa will be Cloud's girlfr-

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crossboarding should be a banable offense

No one cares, just give me that unbuttoned Yuffie cunny.

>Looking at the comments
>Maximillion was right
I only learned of this recently during a podcast. Guy literally went around reading spoilers and just took others predictions. This shit was known day 0

Show me anyone in that game more beautiful than this girl. Now.

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Can you fuck off back to Yas Forums nigger. No one gives a shit what fictional character you find attractive. Go make your own thread.

Kill yourself.

There isn't one.

Good taste.

Haven't played the game yet. Don't know shit about FF. Humor me. Does this Tifa girl loses to the brown haired one despite getting more focus?

>Most beautiful girl

Wait, can you save Aerith? I'll buy then.
But also fuck off back to Yas Forums.

>tfw no 26 episode FF7 anime.

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Aerith dies in the original, Tifa wins and if you have enough points with her there's an implied sex scene

Tifat lost so hard that all the materials pots-FFVII OG hints towards Cloud friendzoning her AND still not moving on from Aeris.

Really? The posts imply that she loses. Also what's this "AC sequel' about?

JRPGs sucks

They recently released what was marketed as a "remake" of FF7, but it actually turned out to be a reboot/quasi-sequel. Kinda like the new Evangelion movies.

Fuck off Yas Forumsermin

And the Tifa girl still loses?

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user that's Aeris' husband (wife), post more.

We don't know. She didn't lose in the original, but the remake hasn't finished yet.

I just want to see Bizarro and Safer Sephiroth. I never understood what the deal with those forms actually was.

Whoever's telling you that Tifa loses is shitposting.

If you watched Advent Children it's pretty obvious Cloud never moved on from Aerith.


>If you watched Advent Children it's pretty obvious Cloud never moved on from Aerith.
And if you watched it without whatever waifugoggles you have on you would know it was guilt. He even sees zack at the end leaving with Aerith further reiterating it was guilt and then puts the buster sword in aeriths church signifying hes moving on. I'm not saying he didnt love Aerith but that film was clearly his guilt about not being able to save Aerith and zack. But let's not get into this. You have enough threads on Yas Forums discussing this all the time. Go there.