Anime has time travel

>anime has time travel
>it’s instant kino

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game developers should also do that

Bill Murray is my favorite anime character.

Star Wars needed a time travel plot.

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Whoa. I never even realized I love time travel, but I like everything in your 3x3 except I haven't seen Live Die Repeat. I learned something about myself.

titanfall 2 still has the best implementation of time travel into gameplay

Just in case you ever feel like stop being a faggot, read this.

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Redpill me on this series

Trust me user you want to go blind into this.

Edge of Tomorrow is great. You should definitely check it out if you’re a sucker for time travel shenanigans.

Ok then, I guess I’ll trust you.

why put Yas Forums stuff in the grid when you could have picked other time travel anime? were you just trying to shitpost?

What is the anime equivalent of Groundhog Day?

It's a cool movie, the manga is an option too, iirc it ends totally differently as well.

Does Gunbuster count? Because it's kino of the highest order

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It's clearly a fucking joke. Relax.

It's great but I don't think that really counts as time travel.

I'm assuming it's a reference to this piece by a drawfag nearly a decade ago

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>goes beyond kino

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Time travel is an amazing theme, but to be fair it's pretty hard to do right.
I haven't seen the bottom outside of Madoka but Madoka, R:Z, Groundhog Day and Higurashi are literally just what i would call videogame resets, aka a character going back to a former point in time while remembering everything. That's not really "time travel" in the sense that no matter is actually traveling in time, it's just the same sequence being repeated over and over. It's similar to Endless Eight, which was presented as an apocalypse as opposed to the actual time traveling that's happening in Haruhi.
That leaves Your Name, Steins;Gate and Haruhi... but only the latter has time travel mechanics that actually feel natural and make sense. I legitimately think no anime outside of Haruhi ever did time travel right; but then again, i obviously haven't seen everything.

Edge of Tomorrow is literally based on a manga, and Groundhog Day has always been an honorary anime.

>Edge of Tomorrow is literally based on a novel

It's not time travel, it's relativity. It's literally just time, there's no travel.

It's based off a light novel.

Dishonored 2 did it very good as well imo.

Damn I remember when I save this pic the first time.

Ghost Trick has it and is an incredibly kino game.

how will I read it then?

Non-linear reincarnations across multiple parallel universes > time travel

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Singularity was better

this is the post

>Parallel universes
Pseudoscience bs.