Kimetsu no Yaiba

Favorite panel in this manga?

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the only thing stopping me from watching this show are those ridiculous highlights every character has on their hair

if someone edited them out i'd actually watch it

Just read the manga bro

I love Tankana but the unfortunate truth is that Tanjiro has never showed any sort of romantic interest in Kanao.
So that begs the question, why was Tanjiro so happy that Kanao was unharmed?

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is there going to be spoilers wedsneday night?

he's nice.
I don't want to be over confident just see her alive and not fully blind is enough for me. Shipping fagotary stuff doesn't have to come true.

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She's not blind in either eye if you bothered to actually read the manga.

I know. That's why I'm happy and that's enough for me


>One Piece got spoilers
>BNH too

Because they’re friends and Tanjirou doesn’t want to harm his comrade

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Only One Piece got them

What will Haganezuka make now that no one uses sword anymore?


Easily Yoriichi oneshotting Muzan

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knives and we'll get a sequel centered around the survivors making a cooking show.
mostly ohagi and salmon.

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>Favorite panel in this manga?

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Tanjiro will obviously love the first girl that loves him. You think he's some kind of ummm she's not my type bullshit, no, you love him and then bam you gave birth to a baseball team.

When the emotions knock Nezuko and Tanjirou out, and you can see 3 of them standing above them menacingly.

>Korean mobile game accused of plagiarizing "Blade of the Devil" declared suspension

Tanjiro is just a nice person. Though knowing him I'm surprised he didn't ask Zenitsu and Inosuke who got hurt by him too if they were okay. His first words since he woke up was about Kanao.

He does seem like that kind of dude lol

probably because he knew he nearly offed her.

Her voice telling him not to make Nezuko cry is what's wake his consciousness after getting the medicine I guess

memes aside, Tanjirou whipping out the tentacles was a cool scene.

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You knew that Muzanjiro wasn't going to last because of that panel. Wani ain't about difficult shit like drawing that spinal tentacle on every fucking page.

his tentacles are better than Muzan resident evil ones.


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I think that chapter 204 & 205 will come in the same issue of 10 May.

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Good Morning.

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Can't believe they're both fucking dead